The News At Sixth: 19/07/18

Continuing yesterday’s News at Sixth intro shall we take a look at what “National” day it is today once more? It’s National Get to Know Your Customers Day! Hurrah! In the spirit of this most important day please post an interesting fact about yourself in the comments section. It’s also National Daiquiri Day, so have a lovely rum cocktail at the same time.

Here’s today’s news, none of which is about Daiquiris. Sorry about that.

Also Today

The Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC is out now on all formats, check out the launch trailer.


Call of Cthulhu has a release date and it is October 30th, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game was announced way back in 2014 so it’s been quite a long wait.

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  1. I’d have put “we fixed our website” in that news too. Whoever did what today, well done. Not had a single problem with it being slow or objecting after I post a comment.

    I’m guessing it was that “latest comments” section that caused problems? And removing the actual comment text has fixed things? If the text is stored separately, querying the database 12 times to get the comment text on every single page could be problematic. A weird way for things to work, but that’s usually the case. A database is always a case of picking any 2 of “all the data you need”, “fast access” and “simple access, not relying on silly tricks”.

    Makes that section at the bottom a bit less useful, but it’s better than it throwing up errors half the time.

    • There were some updates yesterday morning (pagination now works! Twitter embeds are sized properly! More security!) but we’re still not sure what the errors are and trying to figure that out. The latest comments will hopefully go back to what it was like before, but we’ll see.

      • The errors definitely seemed to be something grinding to a halt at times. Most often once you post a comment. Posting a comment usually worked, it was just the reloading of the page with your new comment that frequently failed.

        If the latest comments section was querying the database 12 times to get the text of each of the individual comments, I can see how that would cause the problem. If it’s just doing 1 query now to get the list of comments but not the text, that would be an improvement.

        Obviously I don’t know all the details of the database, what software you’re using to run the site and what you’ve fiddled with or changed. But I suspect it’s probably that. I’ve done things that way before, and it works, despite the extra load on the database. Until it doesn’t work. Amazingly how quickly you can progress from “works” to “works, but slower, but you’d never notice” to “gets upset sometimes” and then “it’s buggered!”

        Put it back the way it was and see if it instantly falls over?

        Good news about the Twitter embeds if they don’t cover up everything else now. And well done whoever’s making all the changes and generally keeping the whole thing working. The important job that never gets the recognition it deserves, but gets all the complaints when things go wrong.

  2. Great stuff on the website Team ^^

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