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PlayStation 4 System Update 6.00 Beta Sign Ups Are Now Live

As is now their standard system, Sony are gearing up for their next major PlayStation 4 system software update by putting it through the wringer of beta testing. System update 6.00 beta sign ups are now live in North America and Japan, while Europe will presumably follow suit soon.

Here are the relevant links:

There’s naturally no word on what the beta will do, and there’s not even any accompanying PlayStation Blog posts to go alongside them yet – these were sniffed out by Gematsu this morning. Applications are open between now and 27th July.

Expect all the juicy gossip to leak about five minutes after someone gets to install it though. Will this be the update that finally brings PSN ID name changes?

Source: Gematsu


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  1. Cross game chat! Cross game chat! If bum-bags are coming back then so is whining about not having cross game chat! Even though we do.

    • Cross game chat? It exists since version 1.0. It is called “Party”. You can chat with your friends even if they are playing another game…

      • Yep, it’s pretty good, I was just taking the proverbial :)

  2. On the Europe link : “Enrolment for the PlayStation®4 System Software Beta has now closed”

    • Sorry if it wasn’t made explicitly clear. The EU sign ups aren’t live yet, but that’s the standard link through which they eventually will be.

  3. Just tested out the different links, when using a VPN for the respective country.

    The North American link just says that the page doesn’t exist.
    European link mentions that the enrollment is closed,
    and the japanese one mentions that the recruitment period was between: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 – Thursday, July 27

  4. Damn it! Links are dead :-(

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