Cursed Sails Brings Skeleton Crews To Sea Of Thieves On 31st July

It took Rare a little time to adapt to running a live game, but they’re now bringing regular events and new content to Sea of Thieves. The next major update, as announced at E3 last month, was the Cursed Sails event, which will see skeleton crews take to the sea.

Rare are just living up to the promise of releasing this in July, with the AI ships taking to the seas on 31st July. The update will bring the long in development three player Brigantine ship, let you form alliances with other players to take on the bigger challenges (without as much fear of getting stabbed in the back) and, of course, let you battle skeleton ships.


These permanent features will come alongside a time-limited campaign, which will run for three weeks and add story-driven side quests to the game, letting you investigate the source of the skeletons that will be attacking outposts and pirate ships.

Accompanying the date announcement, there’s fun new cinematic trailer:

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