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Don’t Believe The Hype, Microsoft Are Not Revealing The Next Xbox At Gamescom

Major Nelson has posted a blog which gave some details of what to expect from Xbox at Gamescom this year and said there would be “all-new Xbox hardware and accessories.”

As you might expect the internet went in to overdrive and frantic writers and Youtubers got to work on their OMG NEXT XBOX AT GAMESCOM posts.

Honestly, would Microsoft reveal the next Xbox at Gamescom? No, of course not. Major Nelson has since updated his post “clarify the hardware news” and it now explains you should tune for news of “new Xbox One bundles and accessories.”

The all-new hardware is probably a new controller, the Xbox Elite 2, details of which have been leaking out.

Source: Major Nelson (but mostly common sense)

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  1. I’ve not seen the internet get hyped over this, but anyone experienced who has needs to re-examine their ‘experience’ as it’s blatantly an accessory or enhancement of some sort, not a new Xbox.

    I mean seriously.

  2. “Source: Major Nelson (but mostly common sense)” Thank you for the best laugh of the day!!!! Sadly, I think common sense flew out the window & never returned to the internet years ago!!! 🙃

    • I mean we could get all the hits and all the monies from advertising by doing a “OMG XBOX2 AT GAMESCOM” post or a “Everything we know about that really popular thing that’s not out for fucking years but were still going to make shit up and pretend its real” type posts, but we don’t.

      Which is really stupid as we could do with the money, damn us for having morals and not writing clickbait.

      • Which is why I’m a fan of this site!!! What I don’t want/need are more vacuous articles about games that are half a decade (or more from release). Todd Howard has become an expert at talking at length without saying anything – he must be aiming to become a politician!!!

      • Don’t get me started on the “everything we know” clickbait. Especially when it applies to popular TV programmes. The “everything we know about season 3 of , even though season 2 only appeared today and you’ve probably only watched a couple of episodes, at most, but why not read something full of spoilers and a load of made up shit about something that’s still a year away”

        You could always do a post about the New PS4 instead? That’s been around this week. A very minor revision to the hardware that gets it a new model number and a bunch of clickbait articles.

      • I’ve been campaigning to be allowed to write a “Everything we know about the PS5” post which will be just the word “NOTHING” in huge letters and then underneath it “(and neither does anyone else, get in the fucking sea)” :D

      • But we know all sorts of stuff about the PS5. If we assume it’s going to be a thing, which is a fairly safe bet.

        1. It’ll be made by Sony.
        2. It’ll be some sort of games console.
        3. It’ll be black. Or some other colour.
        4. It’ll be more powerful than a PS4.
        5. It’ll be more powerful than a PS3.
        6. It’ll be released in some year with a 2 in it.
        8. Making up a list of shit for a clickbait article is infinitely less work than making a new games console.
        9. It’ll run on electricity. Unless magic is a thing by the time it’s released.
        10. It’ll cost somewhere between £12.50 and £42,000.
        11. It can probably count better than I can.

      • That’s pretty close to what I wrote already

        Q: What will power the console?
        A: Electricity. Or Hamsters.

      • We’ll compromise then. It’ll be powered by magic hamsters.

        So it’ll probably be noisy and smell a bit funny.

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