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You Can Now Use Your Gold Points On The Nintendo Switch eShop

Announced back in February, Nintendo are now letting you take those Gold Points you’ve been earning from buying games and use them on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop. It finally brings their reward point scheme up to date for their latest hardware.

Earning points is pretty straightforward, as you get 5% back from the amount you paid for the game in the form of points, where one point equals one penny. In other words, a £40 game on the eShop will get you back £2. However, if you buy a game at retail, then you will only get 1% of the full game value back, so long as you register in time from the game’s home screen menu (just press + on a game to find this).

Here’s the way that Nintendo have outlined it:

Downloads: 5%

  • Nintendo Switch games and DLC: 5% of the total paid amount
  • Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games: 5% of the total paid amount
  • Download codes: 5% of the undiscounted price on Nintendo eShop

Nintendo Switch game cards: 1%

  • 1% of the undiscounted price on Nintendo eShop*

*You can earn Gold Points from a Nintendo Switch game card if registered within two years of the original release date.

You can find your current number of Gold Points by logging in at You will also need to be aware that gold points do expire after a year, doing so at the end of a given month.

Source: I received an email from Nintendo

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  1. Nice one, you can also view points on the switch eshop my trying to purchase something. Only got 1.62 at the moment.

  2. Annoyingly the points expire and I lost a fivers worth late last year :-(
    Worse still, the exchange rate has increased now, I registered a few games in January not knowing this was coming and would’ve got alot more if I’d known.

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