Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Is Coming To Switch With New Mario Odyssey Levels

Toad loves adventure!

Captain Toad was one of the more adorable games on the Wii U, coming as a surprise standalone offshoot from Super Mario 3D World’s Captain Toad minigame. That adventure is being ported to Nintendo Switch on 13th July, but as with many of Nintendo’s Wii U to Switch ports, it’s got a few little extra tricks hidden away in there.

After Captain Toad made appearances exploring the kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey, there will be a bunch of new Odyssey themed levels to explore in the game, and there’s also a new two player mode with your co-op buddy picking up a Joy-Con to help get rid of hazards for you.

Oh, and a version of Captain Toad will also be making its way to the 3DS, being built with the handheld’s 3D and touchscreen in mind.

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