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Microsoft's Sea Of Thieves Treasure Hunt Is (Golden) Bananas

Riddle me this.

I know quite a few people who are eager to dive into the salty seas of Rare’s intriguing online pirate ’em up, and we won’t have to wait long before the game releases… tomorrow! Microsoft are off on a little caper to celebrate the game’s launch. It’s proper bananas, I tell you.

Actually, to be accurate, it’s golden bananas, with the grand prize being a bunch of four gold bananas worth £20,000 each. If you don’t get a banana, then you might still walk away with an engraved Sea of Thieves golden doubloon that’s worth £300.

The hunt is already afoot, as well, with ‘The Quest’ having started this morning – head here to take part – with the release of the first riddle. Fifteen riddles will be released a few hours apart up until 9PM GMT on Wednesday, at which point you and your team will have seven hour to submit your answers. However, that’s not the end of ti, as a final riddle will be sent to the cleverest of crews on Thursday 22nd March, with the winner getting the shiny inedible fruit.

As I said, it’s bananas.

Source: Xbox


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