GT Sport 1.15 Update Added VR Time Trials, Red Bull X2014 & Tsukuba Circuit Today

As much as we can complain that VR Time Trials should have been in GT Sport right on day one, as perhaps the most obvious possible inclusion to make it feel worthwhile, I’m still rather glad that it’s now being rolled into the game as part of the 1.15 update released this morning. You’ll also now be able to earn rewards for both Time Trial and VR Tour modes.


Another long, long overdue feature is support for the Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel, which was mooted for launch, but mysteriously not available at the time. Why it’s taken quite so long to appear is anyone’s guess, but it makes the wheel a much more viable option for GT Sport fans.

However, if you have no interest in fancy hats or buying a new racing wheel, it’s all about content. In a PS3 inspired update, Tsukuba Circuit will give players flashbacks to the endurance races of Gran Turismo 5, while the thirteen cars being added including the ludicrous concept cars of the Red Bull X-series and a smattering of GT500 class vehicles.

  • Honda Raybrig Concept-GT (GT500)
  • Lexus Au Tom’s RC F (GT500)
  • Nissan Motual Autech GT-R (GT500)
  • Aston Martin DB11
  • BMW M3 Sport Evolution
  • Eckerts Rod & Custom Mach Forty
  • Ford GT40 Mark I
  • Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Standard
  • Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Junior
  • Lexus RC F GT3
  • Mazda RX-7 GT-X (FC)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R33)
  • Nissan GT-R Nismo

These cars then feed into the GT League single player, which has a trio of new events:

  • Nissan GT-R Cup – Beginner League
  • Red bull X-Junior Series – Amateur League
  • All Japan GT Car Championships – Professional League

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Absolutely cracking update. How much content has been added since launch now? I know a lot of people will say that this is what the game should’ve been at launch but no denying the continuing support is great to see.

    • Yes. It should’ve been there at launch. :p

      Genuinely though, it’s hard to praise it when they’re adding stuff to fill the game out rather than advanvce it. Kudos to a dev that’s takes 4 years to develop a game to actually now develop on a monthly basis. Who knew Polyphony could do it.

    • The same brain-dead cretins that complain video delayed releases are the same brain-dead cretins that say these things should have been in there from day one.

      Anyone with even half a braincell will see this is the best of both worlds, the game released on-time and the continued free content updates keep the game fresh.

      • Except it didn’t release on time, did it? It was at least a year later than originally planned.

        And even then, it wasn’t finished and took another 2 months to add the single-player league mode.

        Even then, it’s still not quite in the state it should have been when it was released. VR mode is technically impressive, but ultimately pointless still. The AI is the worst I’ve ever seen (even compared to the previous games). And there’s that stupid requirement to be online to save any progress.

        But if they keep updating it for another year or 2, I’m sure it’s worth it. And I’m sure the man in charge thinks it’s great.

  2. I just ranted on the post about the Wipeout VR update, so I’m not going to post it all again here. Just the short version.

    Good game, man in charge is a dick, nice to have constant updates, but could do so much more.

    And are those Red Bull cars the same ones that caused me so much trouble back in GT5? Goes from 0 to 200mph and back to 0 again once you’re surprised by hitting a wall in about 0.1 seconds? Subtle acceleration has never been my strong point though.

    • Those were the x2011 series. The x2014 is a tiny bit better. Adrian Newey designed the original x2011 concept, using every innovative technology including the infamous ‘fan’ to glue an insanely fast car to the ground so it could corner at mind bending speeds. Thankfully the fan car isn’t here, as in VR you can guarantee your optical nerves would be reduced to a gooey mess.

      Completely agree with your comment on the other post. Kaz does whatever he wants until Sony say ‘maybe you could do this…’ to which Kaz-san responds, ‘I’m too busy doing random motorsport crap, phone the office and tell the devs wluld you’

  3. Thanks to whoever persuaded me to hold on to my copy of GT Sport. Dragged myself through some of the regular campaign and unlocked enough to have fun in VR. If you haven’t tried it yet in VR buy the Honda Project 2&4 single seater. It’s the dogs danglies, you’re so exposed the race drive feels really intense. The most fun I’ve had of any driving game, I wish I could race vs with a mate. Anyone got other car suggestions? I get bored of how slow the car showrooms are to load and haven’t found anything else quite as good.

    • The best thing for VR “races” is definitely to go topless. There are a few cars suitable for that. Anything without a roof.

      Or drive a camper van (or “samba bus” as they appear to be named) around the Nurburgring. You certainly get time to appreciate the VR scenery that way, due to the fact that it’s a hilariously shit vehicle and it’d be quicker to walk.

  4. Well it took a little while but it’s great to see them actually expanding on the VR experience.

    • Yep.
      Who knows what is planned for future DLC? Le Mans around June I hope.

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