People Are Angry About The First Sea Of Thieves “Pirate Legend”

While much of Sea of Thieves is about finding your own way to have fun, thanks in part to the rather limited variety in the quests that you can take on, one overarching goal is to level up your character’s standing with three different factions until you can attain the stats of Pirate Legend.

Yesterday someone crossed that mark, gaining access to a Legend exclusive parts of the world, with a new set of custom items to unlock, new quest chains to follow, and all the prestige that comes with being a world first… but while Twitch streamer Prod1gyX might be the first person to publicly attain this title in game, the way that he went about it annoyed the community that has built up, with many people now rallying under the banner of #NotMyPirateLegend.


So what did he do that was so wrong? Well, essentially, he gamed the system to get there, using his followers as stepping stones on the path. While levelling up the Gold Hunters and Order of Souls is relatively straightforward, the Merchant Alliance is the more tedious and time consuming of the three, and in order to get there, he leant on his followers through Twitch to do the legwork in quests so that he could level up much quicker by hopping into their crews as they were about to turn in loot.

People are not citing rule 7 of the Pirate Code in the game – Those Who Cheat Shall Be Punished – but it’s not really an argument that fits, as he didn’t use any real exploits or hacks. I’ve been lucky enough to join a crew with a ship full of loot in the past, but Prodigy took this and made it systemic, while also having ironically decried exactly this just prior to launch.

As you can imagine, people are pretty miffed about this, but also note that he’s not seemingly all that good at the game

The irony from all of this is that it’s perhaps the most fitting way of getting to this status in-game, while also rising to a level of notoriety and infamy amongst the game’s community, putting him at the heart of dozens of memes.

Source: Reddit, #NotMyPirateLegend

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  1. I think they should adknowledge him. Knobbeard. He who exploited his fans to cheat.

    I can see him being hunted down a lot in the game. Still, at least it gives the game content. ;)

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