Fortnite Battle Royale For iOS Is Now Playable Without An Invite

Fortnite Battle Royale already seemed destined for world domination through dedicated gaming platforms, so Epic Games’ announcement and release of Fortnite for iOS a few weeks ago came as something of a surprise. Initially, well aware of the sudden influx of players that this would result in, Epic pegged this back to being an invite only event, either through their own first wave of invites, or from players sharing spaces with buddies. Now the shackles are off and anyone with a powerful enough iOS device can play.


We played the game when it first dropped on iOS and came away quite pleasantly surprised with how it handles, if disappointed with the quality you get from playing on devices from just two or three years ago.

iOS is just the first step for Epic, with Android in the offing as well, though this will need much more extensive testing and quality control from Epic, given the breadth of Android devices out there.

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  1. Like heroin, Fortnite is so terribly moreish.

  2. Looking forward to seeing this come to Android. PUBG mobile works well on my Pixel 2 and very enjoyable too.

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