Rock Out With The Nintendo Labo Rubber Band Guitar Video

It’s all getting a bit Blue Peter with the latest Nintendo Labo video, as you need six rubber bands, a used washing up liquid bottle, and empty box of tissues and the help of your parent or guardian in order to make a rubber band guitar.

Just kidding. Six rubber bands and your Nintendo Switch will do


Again, it’s a great example of the ingenuity that Nintendo Labo offers and how you can use it to customise your experience, as you wrap the rubber bands around the main unit of the console, using the touch screen to play notes, while the rubber bands give you the tactile sensation strumming a guitar.

Add that to note modifiers mapped to a Joy-Con, create your own cardboard guitar, shape, and you’ve got a whole guitar. Combine that with other instruments that Labo can cater to and you’ve got a cute little rock band.

Source: press release

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