Steel Rats Is Coming To PC, Xbox One, And PS4

Motorcycle combat games are very hard to pull off, in fact there really hasn’t been a good one since Road Rash but Polish developers Tate Multimedia,are behind the Urban Trial series so they chances are their new game, Steel Rats, might pull off this tricky genre.

The game was revealed a while back, you can read our preview here, and now it has been announced that the game is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 alongside the PC version.


“We decided we were going to tackle the side-scrolling genre from a different perspective,” Pawel Oliferuk, QA Lead, told us. “We’re trying to put our own spin or twist on it.” Michal Azarewicz, Marketing & PR Manager added, “We’re trying to make a combat racing game, to give it a short name, because this in essence describes what the game is about, but you can also add exploration, for example, because the levels are quite big and quite unusual.”

Source: YouTube

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