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Buy A Giant Steel Rats Robot For Charity

Do you want to give some money to a good cause? Do you want a one of a kind giant 9 foot tall, 1,700lb scrap metal junk robot to decorate your living room? Then boy-oh-boy do I have some good news for you!

Tate Multimedia – the team responsible for the upcoming motorbike combat game Steel Rats – are holding an auction to raise money for these fantastic charities: Special Effect in the UK, Able Gamers in the US, Gaming Aid in Germany and Make a Wish in France.

Bidding begins at £5000 for the Steel Rats: Super Turbo Ultimate Wreck and Ride Collectors Edition, which contains the aforementioned giant robot, a saw blade statue, the game soundtrack including music from famous Japanese rock trio The, two branded whisky glasses, a t-shirt, lanyards and other assorted goodies. You’ll also receive three digital copies of the game for the platform of your choice. If you have a cool five grand in your bank account then you can follow the link here to place you bid.

Steel Rats will be released on November 7th for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but before then you can check out Aran’s hands on preview from a couple months ago.

Source: Press Release