Steel Rats rides onto Xbox One tomorrow

As Days Gone taught us a few weeks ago, you want to be in a biker gang when the apocalypse rolls around. That was also the lesson of Steel Rats last year, when the side-scrolling bike ’em up pitted a biker gang against an invasion of alien junk robots. That invasion will be spreading from PS4 and PC onto Xbox One tomorrow, 17th May.

Also, because not being on Steam is all the rage these days, Steel Rats will be available on Discord at the same time. I mean, it’s still out on Steam, which isn’t changing, but now you’ve got a choice.


Steel Rats is a really unusual mash-up. Tate Multimedia had previously worked on the Urban Trials series, but took that 2.5D motorbike action to a very different setting. In our Steel Rats review from the tail end of last year, Ade concluded: “Steel Rats is an undeniably daring experiment; fusing gameplay mechanics, varied visuals and control inputs that have no right to go together. The game should be an absolute mess, but it deftly weaves these disparate elements together and what we are left with is a thrilling and refreshing stunt-based shoot ’em up.”

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