Out Of Office Notification: We’re All At Rezzed


Hello dear readers, thanks for visiting TSA today we do appreciate it, but unfortunately there will be no news coverage today as we’re all at Rezzed. Yes, even Tuffcub, he’s stocked up an a special lotion to make sure he doesn’t come out in a rash due to the close proximity of so may games with retro pixel graphics.

Although there wont be any news, or News At Sixth, there will be a couple of features dropping so keep an eye out for those. Normal service will return on Monday but we may have a hangover and if the cream doesn’t work, a very unsightly rash.

Expect plenty of previews and interviews with lovely indie types next week and beyond, we’ll be taking a look at loads of games on all formats.

Have a nice weekend!

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Enjoy…. have a drink on me =P lol

  2. That sounds like a party – enjoy it guys!

  3. Are you guys all still around on Saturday? I could pop across for a beer if you are?

  4. Quick, break out the porn, the smutty jokes, the NSFW images. Make them regret leaving us without supervision for three days!




    That said, is there any plans for the forums? It’s deader then a PSPgo.

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