The News At Sixth: 17/04/18

Hey there, welcome to another round up of news for today, Tuesday 17th of April, and what a glorious day it’s been. Well, it has if you’re in central London where the TSA news desk is situated; it’s currently 20 degrees and heading up to 27 by Thursday!

Anyway, here is your news, best enjoyed with an ice cold mojito.

Also today…

This is in Japanese, sorry, but worth a look anyway, it’s Octopath Traveller for Switch.

Also in Japanese is this look at Record of Grancrest War
Persona 5 is getting a Sonic skin and it’s utterly terrifying.

Battletech’s spacefaring intro cinematic has been popped on YouTube. The game’s out next week.

And to round off a quiet day, here’s a like at the character creation system in The Golf Club 2019

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