[UPDATE] Report: CoD Black Ops 4 Won’t Have A Single Player Campaign, Has Battle Royale Instead

Forget what you know.

Call of Duty’s popularity as a multiplayer game has often left the series’ single player campaigns feeling a little bit throwaway, and now it seems that Activision and Treyarch are throwing single player away in Black Ops 4, according to Polygon’s sources.

This might not have always been the plan, as they state that a single player campaign has been in development, just that it eventually became clear that it wouldn’t be finished in time for its planned release on 12th October. It would be a first for the series, which has always had action-packed campaigns that were, at one point, considered to be groundbreaking experiences. This is also despite the respective development teams now having three years in which to complete a Call of Duty game.

Instead, Black Ops 4 will focus on making the the multiplayer much bigger and expanding the Zombies mode. Polygon’s sources also note that there could be more cooperative modes to compensate, and it’s interesting to note that Black Ops 4’s predecessor allowed you to play through its entire campaign in four player co-op.

We’ll find out for sure when the game has its full reveal on 17th May, but it looks like if you want a Call of Duty story, you’ll have to settle for the rumoured Modern Warfare 2. Ironically, reports say this won’t be coming with its multiplayer.

UPDATE: Kotaku’s News editor Jason Schreier has tweeted that he confirms the story that the game will not include a single player campaign but will include a Battle Royale mode which is being developed by Raven software. Eurogamer are also reporting they have heard the same.

Source: Polygon / Kotaku / Charlie Intel / Eurogamer

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  1. They have just lost a customer!!!
    I am not paying £44.99 for a game with Multiplayer and the servers will close in say 5 years maybe 4 years depending on the support and/or DLC and then the disc will be worthless to sell/play as it’ll be dead due to CoD MW IIIIIII

    • Well the servers for Call of duty 2 on xbox 360 are still up, and that released 12 years ago, so I think you’re safe for a decade at least.

  2. I havent Called of Dutied since Blops3
    And that was less enjoyable for me.
    Im sure I had ghosts or something from boomerang and sent it back fairly swiftly.

    Too much hate in the online community, and DLC grinds my gears. A game that is replaced 1 year later does not need 4x map packs to prolong the game, most of the player base flounce at the sight of a new game.

  3. I only play COD for the single-player campaign but to be honest, it’s no great loss.

    I suspected this would happen eventually so I won’t be surprised if true.

  4. I’ve been saying this since the original Modern Warfare, but I’m still hoping for them to split the two so people can pick up the single player or the multiplayer (or a bundle of both) if they choose to.

    £25 each or £45 for both. I can’t help but feel like that covers everything and everybody.

    • Yeah buts its not going to be that is it. It’s going to be BLOPS4 Multiplayer + Remastered Modern Warfare 2 Single player = £60 please

      The rumours of the CODMW2 remaster only have single player make sense now.

  5. i believe These Developers are losing their minds by the day.. they are making very Bad choices regarding what they feel us customers want .. they have no idea … I’d like to know what makes thee devs feel like they have came up with a good idea by removing single player campaign…

    • Removing a large part that is almost entirely reliant on creativity (a story mode) you get left with a few maps, a few weapons, and the need to have stable servers.

      There should be no reason that they don’t churn out 4 CoD games a year now, do away with the £10 DLC and just drop £25 new games

    • I remember reading an article ages ago saying a lot of players ignore the campaign anyway and jump straight into the online stuff. Maybe it’s a growing trend?

      • I imagine that you are correct and that the decision is based on the data gathered from the previous games.

      • Looking at the trophies for the last game, WWII, 35% completed the campaign.

        Quite possibly a large number of those are from people who mostly play the MP part and just had a go at the campaign because it’s there.

        But they could easily end up with 20% of people now not being interested if it lacks any single player campaign. And if the last game made $1bn in the first 6 weeks or so, that’s $200m they’ll want to make in some other way.

      • My friend is one of them. Only plays multiplayer, never touches the single player.

      • I should add that my friend is an idiot.

      • I can’t believe you know this information and still refer to him as ‘friend’.

        Hence forth he shall be known as ‘the human formally known as friend’ :D

        I’m the complete opposite. Only play the SP campaign and have never even tried MP in any of the CODs.

        I think games like Destiny, The Divison, Evloved etc. are already there so I can understand the decision to drop the SP campaign. An MP-only COD will sell just as well as a COD with both MP & SP, so why bother?

        Times are changin’, sadly.

  6. Activision seem intent on killing off all their franchises.

    • They really shit the bed with THPS5

  7. I know Battle Royale is “in” right now but I can’t wait for the all of the other franchises to have a go, weed out the bad ones and leave us with the truly great BR games.
    This just feels a bit like the horde mode all developers tried to shoe horn into every franchise after Gears popularised it.

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