Report: DICE Experimenting With A Battle Royale Mode For The Next Battlefield

It’s official, Battle Royale is the new zombies so expect the game mode to be appearing in everything, including FIFA, for the next few years.  Venturebeat are reporting that DICE are currently working on a Battle Royale mode for Battlefield 5, or Battlefield 2, or whatever it will be called.

DICE is investigating how a massive, last player-standing mode would work with its current mechanics. The studio has not yet approved its battle royale for release, and it is still in the prototype phase. If DICE does decide that it’s happy with what it has, it won’t have it ready in time for the initial release.

If approved the mode would not be available at launch and maybe be shipped as a free add-on. The news follows yesterday’s rumours that Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII will be getting a Battle Royale mode.

Source: Venturebeat

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  1. Every man and his dog is making a BR mode these days. Enough already.

  2. South Park will probably add a Butthole Royale mode.

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