Pinball Platformer Yoku’s Island Express Is Coming Out In May

Yoku might have expected to live in peace and tranquility as he took on the job of Postmaster for Mokumana Island, but fate had other plans for this little dung beetle. Suddenly the island is shaken by its island deity’s bad dreams, and Yoku has to put his poop pushing skills to the test by pushing a pinball through the island’s mixture of pinball, platforming and exploration.

Today Team17 and developer Villa Gorilla have announced that Yoku’s Island Express will be launching for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on 29th May. It will be priced at £15.99/€19.99/$19.99.


Exploring how the game was made, they’ve also put out a new dev diary that goes into the game’s creation and unique blend of ideas.

Be sure to check out our brief impressions from Gamescom last year, where Dave compared it to Sonic Speedball from the Sega Mega Drive.

Source: press release

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