What We Played #353 – God Of War, Guacamelee! 2 & Nintendo Labo

Man, I’ve been enjoying games this week! I finally started playing For Honor, and it is brilliant (alright, I’m a little behind there), as well as Train Valley (also behind), Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, as well as Raiders of the Broken Planet and Tooth & Tail. Of course, I’ve started God of War today, and so far it’s also brilliant. What hasn’t been brilliant is that Star Wars Battlefront II is borderline broken for me on the Xbox One X, so I finally gave up and traded it in. Maybe I’ll have another crack when it inevitably ends up on EA Access in a few months time.

Jake played Guacamelee! 2, the sequel to Shaq Fu and Pocket Rumble at EGX Rezzed last weekend, all of which were “great fun, especially Guacamelee! which was the highlight of Rezzed for me.” This week he’s just been playing Fortnite and wrapping up Urban Trials Playgrounds and Outlast II for review on the Switch. Besides continuing to play after reviewing God of War, Jim also put in some serious retro time with Parappa The Rapper, Lair and Heavenly Sword. Lair, mate? Really?

Gareth has been on Mad Max, with shorts bursts of Far Cry 5, and even shorterer bursts of Elite Dangerous, which he’s learning to play via YouTube. Tuffcub has also been playing Mad Max at home, before putting on his pixel repellant cream for EGX Rezzed and playing Guacamelee! 2, The Hatching, Onrush, Hollowpoint and Strange Brigade.

Steve has finished Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix Gaiden Ultra Extreme Special on Beginner (as his son Xander was taking turns), cleared all but the no death time trial on the “awesomely creepy” Little Nightmares, failed to get past the initial tedium of Azure Saga:Pathfinder and started the silly and satirical Penny Punchin Princess on Vita. Aran played some Armello in-between being very busy, while Miguel jumped in on the free Ghost Recon Wildlands weekend and ended up buying the lot. Ade is taking a look at the newest Star Wars tables in Pinball FX 3, and hoping to find some money down the back of his sofa for God of War.

New guy Jason has been lucky enough to play with a real life Labo this week, plus Membrane, Bloodborne, Heart & Slash and a bunch of stuff at Rezzed. Dave meanwhile has spent more time on PUBG, as well as a bunch of games at Rezzed, including Hollowpoint, Knights & Bikes, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and more!

Last but by no means least, Tef also ventured down to play Nintendo Labo – sharing his thoughts on it here – got his PS Vita out to try and go back to clear Danganronpa 2, and found the story to be as bonkers as ever. He’s also been delving into a few Xbox 360 games that have been recently enhanced for Xbox One X, such as Red Dead Redemption and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and has started up Battletech for a bit a mech-battering review.

So then, did you go out in the sunshine? Or are you skulking inside and playing God of War?

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  1. Really been looking forward to God of War so started that on Friday but before that I was blasting through the first game on Vita while the internet was out at home.
    When Virgin managed to sort it out I jumped back into Ghost Recon Wildlands to try the Splinter Cell mission but it feels pretty impossible to do solo.
    Finally, as usual, I’ve been playing Monster Hunter World taking out those pesky tempered Elder Dragons.

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