The PUBG Xbox One Miramar Test Server Launch Did Not Go Well

It had been a long time coming for fans of PUBG on Xbox One, but Bluehole finally opened up a new arena to battle in on a Public Test Server last night. Then they took it offline almost immediately to investigate a bout of server and matchmaking issues, and didn’t manage to get it back up at any time during the six hour window in which the map was set to be available.


Thankfully the issues didn’t affect the live servers for the main Game Preview version of the game, so players could return to Erangel and get their Battle Royale fix, but it’s a little embarrassing nonetheless. The test servers are only live for six hours at a time, with last night’s window running from 1AM to 7AM in the UK and much nicer times for US players. Further test windows are set for tonight and through the rest of the week, so hopefully Bluehole can resolve the issues before then.

The rest of the schedule looks like this:


  • 4/26, 4/27: Servers available 5pm PDT through 11pm PDT
  • 4/28 & 4/29: Servers available 11am PDT through 11pm PDT


  • 4/27, 4/28: Servers available 2am CEST through 8am CEST
  • 4/28 & 4/29: Servers available 8pm CEST through 8am CEST

Source: Twitter

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