Far Cry 5 Shifted 2.5M Digital Copies In March

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 has sold incredibly well, the physical version of the game has outperformed their estimates and the digital version sold 2.5M copies during the last five days of March.

“On console, Far Cry 5‘s digital launch was up nearly 500% compared to Far Cry Primal two years ago,” reports Superdata. “This points to not only the underlying health of the Far Cry series, but also to growing digital download rates for triple-A console games in 2018.”


As you might expect, Fortnite topped the digital charts and down at number seven was Sea of Thieves that had over two million players at the time. “However, more than half of these users obtained the game through the limited free trial offered as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass,” add SuperData. “This leaves some unanswered questions concerning the long-term success of the title.”

Source: MCV

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  1. Great to hear digital gaming is becoming more and more popular.
    I can’t remember the last time I bought a physical copy of a game. The benefits of having a digital library are too great for me to ever go back.

    • The benefits including paying £10 extra just so you don’t have to stick a disc in?

      • Was more thinking:
        – save on shelf space
        – pre-load and play at midnight
        – download games to additional consoles in the house at no extra cost
        – no physical media to lose/have stolen
        – all games available at your fingertips (particularly amazing when playing switch on the go)

        but yeah, that sweet £10 premium is just an added bonus… ;)

    • With just 500gb hard drive on my PS4, I’m forever having to delete stuff and make space to play new games. Having everything on disc means I can reinstall games I wanna play FAR quicker than having to wait a whole day to re-download them.

      Obviously you can sell/trade physical games too.

  2. We’re quite lucky really to find ourselves in the midst of the digital/retail war. I feel bad for future gamers, when digital is the only option and games cost twice as much. Digital sales are great at the moment.

  3. And less than 24 hours after I point out it’s £10 more to buy Far Cry 5 digitally than somewhere like Amazon, Sony go and put it on sale. (It’s presumably the deal of the week, although GT Sport is still listed as the deal of the week on the store for now)

    Now £3 cheaper than Amazon. Or just an extra £15 for the gold edition with the season pass (which is £1 more expensive than Amazon).

    I think I might still wait a while though, having just picked up Monster Hunter World for a bargain-ish price.

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