Free To Play Hero Shooter Paladins Leaves Open Beta Next Week

Fantasy hero shooter Paladins has grown quite a following during a long stint in open beta, but now it’s throwing off the beta label and going for a full release next week on 8th May. The game is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Paladins has seen 25 million players sign up during the open beta, and to thank them Hi-Rez are giving away 200 Crystals (worth $5) to anyone that’s signed in and played before the 8th May launch. You just have to head online during the launch celebrations between 8th and 31st May to get them.

Obviously, you can dive in and play before then, and Hi-Rez are making all 36 characters free to try until the 7th. After that, they’ll go back to a mixture of free and premium characters. Beyond that Paladins has a card-based loadout system, letting you tune a Champion’s abilities to your particular style of play. Each character’s 16 cards are free, so there’s no roadblocks to your experimentation.

There’s quite an array of game modes in Paladins, with the main Siege mode (a hybrid of escort and capture the flag) and genre mainstays like TDM joined by a take on Battle Royale.

via EU PS Blog

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