Beat Saber Hits 50,000 Sales In One Week

Beat Saber has been the game everyone has been talking about when it comes to VR titles, it’s a simple concept but seems to work perfectly. Put simply it’s a rhythm action game but rather than tap buttons you swipe glowing light sabers through blocks, meaning you’re almost dancing to the music as you play. Check out the video below.


The game was released last week and has already hit sales of 50,000 units, generating almost $1m in revenue which GI.Biz suggest makes it the fastest selling VR title to date.

The game is only available for PC at the moment but it will also be landing on PlayStation VR.

Source: GI.Biz

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  1. I’m looking forward to this coming to PSVR, at the moment though 2MD Football VR is taking over most of my game time.

    • Is that any good then?

      • It is very good, bit of a killer on the arms after a while but it has one of the best throwing mechanics in VR that i have experianced so far.
        The graphics on the characters don’t look to good to start off with, but your mind seems to trick you into thinking they are real people.
        Word of warning if you do buy always attach the move controller to your wrist my son almost skimmed my TV and gave me a heart attack lol.

  2. I generally don’t like rhythm-action games – but this does look kinda cool.

    • It looks quite fun, but a bit energetic as well, with far too much potential to punch stuff by accident.

      Also, it looks like the more frantic sequences (and the harder modes look even more insane) will end up relying on remembering things, instead of seeing the blocks coming and reacting properly. Rhythm games shouldn’t be about memory. Or frantic arm-flailing that leads to punching loved ones in the face.

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