What We Played #357 Conan Exiles, State Of Decay 2 & Detroit: Become Human

Here we are again, it’s been another week, and loads of stuff has happened or is about to happen in the real world. The UK Eurovision entrant had her mic nicked, and now everyone is gearing up for the royal wedding – which will presumably have slightly better security. There’s also been lots of game playing going on, and in my case I’ve been returning to Hyrule Warriors for its outing on the Switch, as well as half enjoying State of Decay 2. Besides that I’ve made a start on Smoke & Sacrifice for a future review, and played a spot of Redout as well.

Jake was first this week and it’s just been Destiny 2. “I’m genuinely hating the grind but I’m liking the side weapon quests and things. I’ve been so busy lately so I’m hoping to game some more and write more from next week.” Tuffcub is allowed to tell you he’s been playing Detroit: Become Human, and that’s about it. The review will be coming sometime soon!

Gareth has been playing with Conan Exiles. “It’s a survival game, but occasionally your dick flops out. I also finally managed to stop messing around with Nemesis system in Shadow of War long enough to progress to the final part of the game, the Shadow War. AKA, the “this is where it is most obvious our microtransactions have negatively affected our game” part. It’s fine right now whilst I have spare orcs and Mirian but once it runs out I can see it being a bit frustrating.”

Jason finished the Ratchet and Clank remake which just made him wish 2 and 3 were done too. He’s also been playing a lot of Dead Cells, which is coming to Switch in August and “it’s going to be soooooo good there”. Miguel has played Omensight for review and absolutely loved it. He also played Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time for review aaaandd uh… WANTED to love it. “I’ve also been playing Steamworld Heist on the Switch and it is easily my favorite 2018 Game From 2016. I also played a quick couple rounds of Fortnite cause I wanted to see Thanos, but alas, he had already returned to his homeworld by the time I logged in.”

Aran played a little bit of Aragami which is a “decent stealth game”. Jim meanwhile has been dabbling with some Fortnite and it’s very slowly starting to grow on him. He’s also decided to pack in Elite Dangerous which is a “fascinating game but requires hours to perform the most basic of tasks”. He also finished Outlast 2 which was good but seemingly way, way too long. Dave has played a fair chunk of Monument Valley 2 with a family relative, “well, she played it and I made sure she didn’t get horribly stuck and/or stressed out”. He’s also played through a reasonable chunk of Dark Souls Remastered for a future piece.

Steve has played a little bit of Cultist Simulator, had some ‘topical’ fun playing the forgotten Rage, and also wasted an evening on 999 Vidas and King Oddball, “neither are that great but they were distracting enough for free”. He’s still waiting on God of War from some inconsiderate slowpoke – that would be me – and has bought a cheap copy of Crash Trilogy “so that’ll take up some swearing until Kratos can get his Norse on”.

Ade has finished Horizan Zero Dawn “and, quite frankly, I don’t know what to do with this Aloy shaped hole in my life. An incredible story, with such expertly executed plot reveals, twists and turns that, like the very best of page turning novels, kept me sat in front of my TV for its final few hours as I just had to know what happened next. After boring me into oblivion with all those turgid Killzones, Guerrilla Games have blown me away and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. You can’t see me but I’m saluting Guerrilla games – which is making it extraordinarily difficult to type at the same time”.

Finally, Tef played Destiny 2, some State of Decay 2 with me, some racing games from Milestone, a spot of The Crew 2, and has jetted off somewhere to play even more.

Now, what have you played?

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  1. Finished everything you can in Far Cry 5 and got all the campaign trophies. Now just gotta wait for one of those free PS+ weekends to get the couple of online trophies and platinum!

  2. Platinum God of War #352 on Sunday and been playing Fifa daily (just 50 wins away from 1000 wins!) and did some gardening a few times with this lovely weather we are having.
    This weekend is tunes and a few drinks as I turned 32 yesterday. And 2 cup final games tomorrow ^^
    Really unsure what games to play next due to the nice weather at the moment.

  3. I finished the main story in Ni No Kuni 2. Still got 19 trophies to get (well, 18 plus the platinum), which could take a while.

    Some random bits of Resident Evil 7 DLC. I quite enjoyed the horrible card game with fingers coming off. Survival+ mode there could be a challenge. And a quick run through The End of Zoe with the unlocked weapon that doesn’t count as a weapon. Charge through giving all the enemies a good fisting and a trophy pops.

    And then there may have been a foolish attempt to give Rainbow Six: Siege another go with the free weekend. Which lasted all of about 6 hours before deciding yeah, I quite like it, better buy it. Seems to be quite a lot of randomly voting to kick people from a match though. Ignoring that minor annoyance, it’s lots of fun.

    Expect next week to just be Star Trek Bridge Crew DLC.

  4. More GTA Online for me, I’m up to level 95 and achingly close to the platinum, and a Delorean! Except that I can’t decide whether to buy a bunker or save the extra and just buy the car full price. Decisions decisions.

    • Delorean – if you kit it out correctly you can always go back and change your mind.. right? ;)

      • Oops, meant the facility! I bought that anyway, thought I could at least bag a few more trophies and cash from doing the Doomsday Heist. It’s a bit pointless apart from the heist, should’ve done some research first, oops!

  5. Onrush beta was hugely disappointing and perplexing – is it really a game?

    Some Rayman Legends but i’m just doing the ‘regular’ levels. I’ll make an exception for the “black betty” one though.

    More Bloodborne, i’ve been farming Castle Cainhurst for blood chunk and i acquired some new chalices and oh joy of joys, the deeper the dungeon the more wonderous the discoveries, traps, enemies, player debuffs and enemy buffs there are to behold.. xD

  6. This week, I played a FIFA game for the first time in my life, and it confirmed my view of sports games fully, they’re just not my thing.

    Am currently a little undecided what to play next, either go back to Bloodbourne, where I doubt I’d make much progress, or start something more relaxing from my backlog, either Prey or HZD…

    • Prey starts off reasonably relaxing as you search every nook and cranny for resources etc but things ramp up a bit afterwards. HZD will be like an adventure holiday, enjoy!

      • Ok, thanks, they’ll both be worth my time, I’m sure. Maybe I’ll give Bloodbourne another go, as I really like it. If it only was that little bit more accessible…

      • Don’t be shy about getting co-op for any boss you’re struggling with – it’s not really a cop-out when the game wants you to co-op!

      • Ok, thanks, I will, but Bloodbourne has already drawn me back in. Started it up last night to see whether I would just get stuck straight away, but then I found all those new areas, stumbled by pure chance into Iosefka’s clinic through the back entrance (wow..!), and ended up in Nightmare frontier, where I hadn’t been before. When I checked the time it was 3am… :o)

  7. The Raven: Remastered… I’m pretty sure it’s one of the most awful games I’ve ever played …but I really enjoyed it.

    I did use a guide tbf, which probably reduced the frustration level by about 90%, allowing me to focus on and enjoy the story. I imagine anyone attempting to play without a guide might give up after 10 minutes.

    The main issue is the gameplay – it really is horrendous – but I found the story and the voice acting captivating at times. There’s some truly cringe-worthy dialogue here and there but I guess that’s kind of accurate considering the era (mid-sixties).

    I thought the level design and art style of the various locations was very good (dated, but very good) and the characters were interesting enough, albeit slightly aloof at times.

    The time period and locations were absolutely perfect and the twisting plot kept me guessing right ‘til the end, with a final reveal that didn’t disappoint.

    Overall, I feel torn. It’s a charming little heist/murder-mystery game and one I’m happy to have played – I’m just glad that I don’t have to play it anymore.

    Now I can try and focus on (and hopefully finish) Far Cry 5, before Detroit arrives next week.

  8. Got the Plat for God of War, and also for Burly Men at Sea, a kind of choose your own adventure short story. Not bad but also nothing spectacular. Then on the search for something simple and relaxing i somehow decided to start Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age or whatever the remake on PS4 is called… I doubt that i will stick with it though, i need something short and simple right now, as i said…

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