The Onrush Beta Has Been Extended, Two New Tracks Added

Good news everyone, the Onrush Beta has been extended and will now run until tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd May. The beta has also been updated with two new tracks for you to not race around.

Opinion on the game seems to have divided the the TSA office, some of us really like it but others don’t as trying to get your head round a racing game that doesn’t involve racing is just odd.

How have you been finding the beta? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. It really is terrible, and not going to be saved by 2 extra tracks. Or however many the full game has.

    Mainly because if the whole point is supposed to be wrecking other vehicles, that doesn’t happen enough because if you’re all going at the same top speed, you can’t catch up with the others. And if they somehow slow down so you can get at them, it’s entirely random as to what happens. A gentle tap can knock them out while ramming into them can be mostly harmless.

    I suspect it’s going to be the Year of Disappointing Racing Games from people who could do better. Between this and The Crew 2 taking a perfectly fine game and jamming boats and planes into it for whatever reason they thought was a good idea.

    • The Crew 2’s boats and planes works really well and make exploring easier and more fun.

      You’re right with Onrush, it didn’t seem to matter what class of vehicle you were in when it comes to take-down. Sometimes you could trash the heavy truck with a small bump from a bike or you could ram a bike with the heavy truck only to come off worse.
      It’s still beta so there’s time to get it right.

      • No it doesn’t matter, a motorbike can take out the tank vehicles.

        This is the problem I mentioned when we did our Rezzed preview, if my motorbike slams in to the side of the track then sure, it’s a wipeout, but a humvee? No, I should bounce off the side and continue, but that doesn’t happen. You might as well just have cubes bashing in to each other, the vehicle types don’t make any difference other than their power ups.

        But that’s because we’re thinking it’s a racing game, it’s not.

  2. I guess I may be being a tad unfair as I haven’t bothered downloading the beta, but this looks pants!
    Just like what some others on this site said earlier, everyone i know who has downloaded the beta have said the whole thing seems pointless & boring.

  3. Tried it and didn’t like it for the same kind of reasons as above. Just didn’t feel satisfying to play

    • I feel much the same. The first game I played with time checkpoints was fun but after that I was struggling to see the appeal. Takedowns don’t feel like the do in Burnout and I’m just not bothered about playing more.

  4. I wanted to love Onrush, but I played 2 games and just didn’t want to play any more. No real structure or defined rules about what will happen in interactions with other cars, and worse of all – it’s so slow. No idea if there’s a skill requirement or not, it didn’t feel like there was, and so painfully slow tootling around.

    I wanted something between Burnout and Motorstorm, I got something more like Test Drive 4×4 from the PSX.

  5. I hope the cover features a picture of their point-scoring system rather than a picture of vehicles so that people know what they are buying into.

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