H1Z1 PS4 Update 1.15 Is Now Live, Patch Notes Here

I think we can all agree H1z1 looks like a rubbish Ps3 game and has some terrible hit detection when it comes to vehicles, sometimes you can mow someone down with a jeep, sometimes they will pass right through your vehicle. There are no effects, the draw distance is tiny, and the parachutes have a mind of their own, there’s a lot wrong with the game but I seem to be playing it an awful lot because it’s just simple fun.

Daybreak have patched the game on PS4 and although it’s not a Fortnite style fix with hundreds of tweaks it does add a couple of new elements, most notably putting the location of your team mates on the compass.


Here’s what’s included in the patch:

  • Fixed several client crashes.
  • Adjusted Fire Threshold to be more responsive. Your weapon should fire without having to pull the R2 trigger so far back.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing team members to be split apart when entering Fort Destiny.
  • Additional logging added to track down other causes of why team members are being split up.
  • Adjusted the minimap so that your arrow is always on top of the arrows representing your teammates.
  • Adjusted Match Start times to allow for players on different hardware to load in before spawning everyone into parachutes. This should prevent some of the times when you bypass spawning into the Fort and go right into parachuting.
  • Loot bags no longer contain shirts, hats, gloves, leggings, eyeglasses, or face items.
  • Adjusted the amount of Bandages and First Aid Kits that can be carried:
    • No Backpack: 5 Bandages, 3 First Aid Kits
    • Backpack: 10 Bandages, 6 First Aid Kits
    • Military Backpack: 15 Bandages, 10 First Aid Kits
  • Medical items can now be dropped by holding down the appropriate D-pad button for 0.25 seconds.

Source: H1z1

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