E3 2018 Conference Schedule: The Dates, Times And Links You Need

E3 is upon us once more and there are more shows and conferences than ever before so here is a a handy guide with proper British times and links to where you can watch the shows. Short version: Stock up on Red Bull for Monday 11th, it’s going to be a long, long night.

As usual the TSA team will be covering the big events live, so stay tuned to see just how utterly frazzled we get!

  • EA – 19.00 BST, Saturday June 9th –  TwitchYouTube
  • Microsoft – 21.00 BST , Sunday June 10th – TwitchYouTube
  • Bethesda – 2.30 BST Monday June 11th  –  TwitchYouTube
  • Devolver Digital – 04.00 BST, Monday June 11th – Twitch
  • Square Enix – 18.00 BST, Monday June 11th –  TwitchYouTube
  • Limited Run Games –  20.00 BST, Monday June 11th – Twitch
  • Ubisoft – 21.00 BST, Monday June 11th – TwitchYouTube
  • PC Gaming Show –23.00 BST, Monday June 11th – TwitchMixerSteam
  • Sony – 02.00 BST, Tuesday June 12th – TwitchYouTube
  • Nintendo – 17.00 BST, Tuesday June 12th – YouTubeTwitch
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  1. Thanks for all the handy links. I guess there won’t be any TSA E3 Bingo this year? – it’d probably be a nightmare to organise what with all the pre-leaks and now this new fad of making pre-announcements.

    • Pffft, as if we’d miss E3 Bingo! It’s on it’s way!

  2. Who was it that did the totally mental post modern piss take of an E3 show last year? and are they doing another one this year?

  3. Devolver Digital. That was fun – extreme but fun.

  4. E3 predictions.

    June 10th from Microsoft: “this game is exclusive to Xbox One”

    June 12th from Sony: “Er no it’s not. It’s on PS4 too”

  5. Awesome!

    Really looking forward to this years E3!

  6. Is that time for Bethesda right?

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