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E3 2018 Predictions – What Do We Think Will Be Revealed?

Magic 8-ball at the ready.

E3 2018 is perhaps the most spoiled, the most leaked, the most pre-announced E3 of all time. There’s no surprises left, you might think, and you might be right, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be worth tuning in to see confirmations, new trailers, gameplay and more.

Here’s what we think you can look forward to across the numerous awkwardly timed press conferences this weekend and at the start of next week. Of course, we could be wrong, but do you think you can do better?

EA Play – 7PM BST, Saturday 9th June

While there’s been some straight up announcements about what EA will be showing at their EA Play event this year, there’s also a bit of guesswork and inferring from the past. Of course we’ll see them trotting out their usual array of sports titles, with FIFA 19 and Madden NFL 19 their two headline acts, and the announcement of Battlefield V was desperately light on actual gameplay footage so that they could save that until this event.

After last year’s reveal of the game, Bioware’s Anthem has been conspicuous by its absence, outside of a delay that helps it to escape the clutches of Red Dead Redemption 2’s release. A teaser Tweet indicates that it will be one of the cornerstones of EA’s presentation.

While Star Wars Battlefront II is ostensibly right in the middle of its second season, and yet fans are still waiting to see what it actually entails; EA Play would be the ideal venue for the company to show that they’re still committed to this game and announce plenty of content for it. Speaking of Star Wars, they really need to show that they can be trusted to make the most of the license, and with games in the universe in development by Motive Studios and Respawn Entertainment, again, it’s high time that we saw some progress on those.

And let’s not forget EA Originals. Unravel (actually a precursor to the publishing scheme), A Way Out and Fe have all now been released, but what next for the EA-backed indie games label? EA have used E3 to announce and promote a new EA Originals for the last three years running.

Microsoft – 9PM BST, Sunday 10th June

Microsoft’s struggles with first party content will hopefully come to an end in 2018, though there’s actually been rather few leaks and no real teasers from the company. That said, with their investment in new first party studios and partnerships still in its relative infancy, the company’s slate for this year’s E3 should remain quite predictable.

Forza Horizon 4 is practically guaranteed, as tick follows Forza 7’s tock, and we’re also at the point that we can expect to see a new game announcement from either The Coalition or 343 Studios, or both. In other words, something about Gears of War or Halo. Halo 6 is probably the more likely of the two, even if Gears of War 5 was in the Walmart leak. It will have been three years since Halo 5’s release this autumn, and 343 have invested time and effort in re-developing the Master Chief Collection. That’s hopefully a sweetener for series fans to get them hyped up.

Crackdown 3 should also get a new release date, plagued though that project has been by delays and developmental turmoil, but there’s also rumblings of a new Fable game being developed by Forza Horizon devs Playground Games. The Leamington Spa studio is sure to have a handle on the series’ distinctive Britishness.

As with last year, we can also expect the presentation to feature more than a few third party developers and publishers, and I’m sure they’ll trot out the “Xbox One console launch exclusive” more than a few times. At the very least, the Xbox One X will be the platform of choice for showing off games in the best possible light, and it would be quite the coup to use that to draw in CD Projekt Red and their expected Cyberpunk 2077 reveal.

Bethesda – 23:30 BST Sunday 10th June

Bethesda’s third year with an E3 press conference will see Rage 2 and Fallout 76 as the big gameplay reveals, both of which were announced in the last few weeks. Rage 2 taps Just Cause 3 and Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios to transform Id Software’s post-apocalyptic shooter into something more luridly colourful and action-packed, while the leaks surrounding Fallout 76 suggest that this is a crack at the online survival game genre with a number of innovative Fallout twists.

Bethesda will surely check in on The Elder Scrolls Online and its new Summerset expansion, Wolfenstein II’s Nintendo Switch port will certainly get a trailer, and I’m sure they can find some new platforms to port Skyrim to. That could easily fill up Bethesda’s press conference, but surely they’ve held at least one surprise back? What of the long rumoured sci-fi RPG Starfield?

Devolver Digital – 4:00 BST Monday 11th June

If you’re awake at this ridiculous hour, then you can expect some more of the tongue in cheek surrealist nonsense that Devolver delivered last year, though I’m also led to believe there will also be some actual game announcements thrown in for good measure.

Square Enix – 18:00 BST – Monday 11th June

Square Enix have got a busy year with plenty of big games announced, so you’d hope they’ve got a more interesting and engaging press conference lined up than they did in 2016. Dragon Quest XI is coming to the west, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is looking like a solid third entry to conclude Lara Croft’s origin story arc, and the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 was recently demoed to select press, indicating that it’s building up to release.

More than that, there’s the equally anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Crystal Dynamics developed Avengers game, which ought to be deep in development, and it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if they rekindled partnerships with Dontnod and Avalanche for Life Is Strange 2 and Just Cause 4.

Ubisoft – 21:00 BST – Monday 11th June

Ubisoft is another publisher where it feels like everything’s already been announced. There’s The Division 2’s full reveal, Beyond Good & Evil 2 will return in some form, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey leaked via a keyring and was then announced with a new ancient Greek setting. However, there’s plenty more projects that are rumoured and even expected to appear.

While AC Odyssey is presumably the third as yet unannounced title for this financial year, coming alongside The Crew 2 and The Division 2, the company could also look toward the 2019-20 financial year, demoing Watch Dogs 3 (teased to be set in London) and use Sam Fisher’s appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands to herald a new game in the series. Splinter Cell was one of the many games included in the Walmart leak a few weeks ago, incidentally.

Sony – 2AM BST, Tuesday 12th June

Sony are changing how the format of their E3 press conferences this year (thankfully!), using the show to “deep dive” into four already announced games instead of reeling of half a dozen new titles. Those games are Death Stranding, Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II. It makes sense, as we already have a broad understanding of the games and projects in development at Sony Worldwide Studios.

That means we shouldn’t expect much, if anything new from Sony’s first parties during their presser, but they have lined up a string of announcements for the days running up to the show, just to get them out of the way. Even so, there’s more than a few third parties who will be more than eager to share their spotlight.

Remedy’s P7 is set to be revealed at E3, and could symbolically use Sony to show their split from Microsoft, Devil May Cry 5’s trademark was registered by Capcom recently, you can probably bet that Spyro Remastered will be trailered on Sony’s stage, and even those publishers with their own shows could hold demos back for the biggest hardware manufacturer of this generation. It’s either that or, as mentioned above, touting the strengths of Xbox One X with Microsoft.

Nintendo – 5PM BST, Tuesday 12th June

Nintendo continue to tread their own path with Pre-recorded Nintendo Directs followed by the extensive Nintendo Treehouse streams. While they’ve only publicly spoken about Super Smash Bros. for Switch being playable at the show and hosting a preview tournament in the game, some conflicting leaks have potentially spoiled the show.

One thing’s practically certain, which is that Fortnite is coming to Switch, having been leaked several times, but the more believable and reputable source – Twitter user Nibellion had the scoop – has FIFA 19, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Monster Hunter Generations ultimate, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Paladins, Overcooked 2 and Mario Tennis Aces alongside it. These were from an invoice for a banner printing company who are presumably getting a right old telling off from Reggie.

A more optimistic, wishlist looking list of the E3 Direct running order doesn’t list several of these games, but does mention a new Star Fox, a new F-Zero, a new Punch Out!!, and promises more of the as yet untitled Yoshi game (though it might be Yoshi’s Flipping Island) and Metroid Prime 4. If all of that comes together, it’s going to be one hell of a Direct!

Naturally, when there’s such direct leaks, and they’re things that can be easily faked, like a grainy photo of a printed sheet of paper, they should be taken with a pinch of salt.

You can take this entire article with a pinch of salt as well! Reckon you can do a better job of predicting what’s about to come? Try your hand at our E3 Bingo!


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