Ninja Theory Explain The Reasons Why They Moved To Microsoft

The news that Ninja Theory had become a Microsoft studio was one of the biggest announcements of the Microsoft E3 show, no one was expecting the news. They were snapped up along with Playground, Undead Labs  and Compulsion Games to bolster Microsoft’s game output.

Ninja Theory have released a video explaining why they made the move and how it benefits them. They do say that they were aware of disappointing PlayStation fans, but intriguingly they say they are “focused” on Microsoft platforms rather than exclusive. A lot of the video is Ninja explaining how they wanted to be completely independent so who knows what they have got Microsoft to agree to.

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  1. Can’t be arsed to watch the video, but if they don’t just say “Microsoft gave us a big pile of cash” then they’re lying.

    • Well, if you can’t be arsed to watch the video, then you’ll just live with those baseless presumptions. They actually said something like, “Microsoft gave us a pile of cash and all of the support of their technical and marketing departments if we want it, while also still promising us full creative control over anything we make.”

      Considering that the company was very close to going under half a decade ago, taking on contract work in Disney Infinity and then making a big gamble on Hellblade, getting financial security is a no brainer. Credit to both Ninja Theory for saying to MS they want to still have creative freedom and to MS for granting it to them, though.

  2. Fingers crossed that whatever they do next ultimately makes its way to PlayStation. I’ve been a big fan of Ninja Theory for years, even playing their games that sadly didn’t do so well commercially; the Devil May Cry reboot (which was actually very good) and Enslaved.

    • The irony is that first party and exclusivity don’t go hand in hand with Microsoft. If I recall, the games they publish are Play Anywhere and so they’ll probably be available on PC too.

      • You could call it Microsoft exclusivity instead.

      • Or console exclusivity, which they do like.

  3. One of my favourite developers. Awesome to hear they now have security and will hopefully be able to make more ambitious projects like Hellblade

  4. I was initially surprised that Ninja Theory were being bought up by Microsoft, mainly becasue they had seemed so hell-bent on retaining their property rights going forward from Hellblade. Sounds like Microsoft has had another “awakening” with regards to how best to utilise their new talent – ie give them the freedom to make the game they want instead of trying to force them to include stuff they never wanted to do – as has happened before for example the Plants Vs zombies developer complained of pretty much everything Ninja Theory have managed to avoid. Well done Ninja Theory and Microsoft, maybe not so good news for the rest of us but we’ll see. I still intend to pick up Hellblade so i have that to look forward to at least.

  5. Good luck to them

  6. Ok, I’m with them on that. I was initially quite disappointed, as I really loved Hellblade, and I won’t be able to play their games any longer, playing only on Playstation.

    But being a games developer is no easy path, and facing constant danger of going out of business is tough. We don’t live in an ideal world, money rules which studios live and which don’t, so I can understand their decision.

    Still a shame I won’t be able to play their next games, but the deal sounds ok and I wish them luck.

  7. If it works out for them, im happy for them. But on the other hand, im sad that i wont be able to play whatever they come up with next… Heavenly Sword was very good, enslaved wasnt to bad either, and hellblade is simply a masterpiece…

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