H1Z1 1.21 Update Is Now Live On PS4, Here Are The Patch Notes

The latest patch to H1z1 Battle Royale on PS4 changes the jumping mechanic in the game, previously if you jumped then moved the stick your trajectory would change, now you will continue in the same direction leaving you free to aim in at a target.

The patch also launches the Snowstalker bundle, a selection of snow camo skins, which seems a little odd when there’s no snow in the game. The set will cost you 2,000 crowns, which a rather hard to swallow £15 in real money. If these skin sets were a fiver I would have bought one or two now, as it stands they are horrendously expensive.


Daybreak also need to do something about the derby that ends every match, people just race about in vehicles for five minutes, the game really needs a world-wide EMP blast near the end of the match to stop that.

Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Altered jump mechanic by maintaining your heading and velocity when you leave the ground. Now, you can freely aim or look around while jumping without prematurely shortening your leap. You still have the ability to alter your path slightly by using your left stick – for example, if you were going to overshoot a landing, pulling back on the left stick would allow you to correct this.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause weapons to lock.

  • Fixed certain Daily Challenges not getting cleared after completing them.

  • Environmental sound effects in the hospital no longer persist after leaving the area.

  • Group member indicators are no longer blocked by grid references in the compass.

  • Vehicle kills now show the correct vehicle and skin in the kill notification.

  • Cancelling queue no longer incorrectly highlights the Message of the Day window.

  • Cancelling queue now properly clears out the queue information window.

  • Removed redundant way to open Settings by pressing circle while spectating.

NEW ITEMS – Snowstalker Bundles

Stay frosty with the 3 new bundles available for purchase in-game – the Snowstalker Outfit Pack, the Snowstalker Weapon Pack, and the Snowstalker Complete Bundle! Featuring a whole new outfit, two new weapon skins (including an animated one!), and a bonus ATV in the Complete Bundle, there’s never been a better way to keep cool under fire. Purchasing any of these Bundles grants you a Crate that guarantees you ALL the items inside.

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