Tempest 4000 Launches This Month

A recap: In 1994 Jeff Minter made Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar, a remake of the classic arcade game which was released in 1981, and then in 2014 he released TxK on PlayStation Vita, a game which looked rather similar to Tempest 2000. There were plans for the game to be ported to PlayStation VR and they were quite advanced before Atari went nuclear and threatened legal action.

It all went rather quiet and Jeff released the mind bending Polybius for PlayStation VR, if you haven’t played that yet just imagine someone force feeding you acid, LSD, and speed, and smacking you over the head with a llama shaped hammer and you would be close to the experience. Then, out of nowhere, Jeff and Atari suddenly decided to become friends again and they announced Tempest 4000, a true sequel to Tempest 2000 and one that looks suspiciously like a tarted up version of TxK.


Which brings us up to date and the news that Tempest 4000 will be out on PlayStation, Xbox One, and PC, on July 17th, and it will almost certainly include a hidden gnu.

Source: Press release

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  1. Super zapper recharge! :D

  2. But no VR support. At least, not when it launches. Possibly.

    Looks like it had PSVR support, Atari decided they didn’t want it and all versions had to be the same and got him to remove it, which took a week, then they decided they want it anyway, maybe, and still want all versions launching the same, and then they’ll decide if it sells enough to put the VR support back in. Even though it was already there in the first place, and then it has to go through all the checks Sony insist on for VR.

    Pretend Atari really need to stop being a thing, don’t they?

  3. Please tell me this is a physical release?? Want to stick it next to my Minter classics for the Atari Jaguar :)

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