Nintendo Want Thirty Indie Games A Week To Be Released On Switch

Nintendo are all about the indies these days as they see them complementing the first party titles rather than competing with them. As Switch supports Unity this has allowed nearly 1,500 games to be released on the platform and if Nintendo have their way, there will be a lot more.

“Some of the indie games already released have gone on to become million sellers worldwide,” said Nintendo’s senior executive officer Susumu Tanaka. “In the future, we are looking to release around 20 to 30 indie games on Nintendo Switch per week, and we definitely expect to see some great games among them.”


Switch is playing catch up when it comes to indie games with many titles that have been released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One being ported to the console. Thirty games a week sounds good if you want a variety of games to play but it does cause problems.

As they iOS App Store has shown, unless you get decent visibility on your week or release your game is dead in the water, with twenty plus games a week released many of them won’t sell many copies at all. Indie devs flocked to Switch when it launched as the number of games released each week was small so they had a lot of coverage, that is no longer the case.

Source: Gamasutra

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  1. Ambitious, but not impossible. I just hope Nintendo tidies up the eshop a bit. Things are very messy right now.

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