Switch Pirates Add Anti-Piracy Code To Their Software

A short history lesson: Some people found an exploit on the Nintendo Switch that allows them to install custom firmware which can be used for the benign practise of making homebrew software, or for being naughty and playing pirated games.

The exploit is unpatchable and the biggest use so far seems to be adding custom avatars to players Switch profiles. However, scamps have been using pornographic images for their avatars which means those playing the balloon mini-game in Super Mario Odyssey have been subjected to lots of willies and vaginas. And willies in vaginas.

Another selection of ne’er-do-wells have created a USB dongle you can plug in to the console and this allows you to play pirated games. However, the code on the dongle has anti-piracy measures itself and it you try and amend or access it your Switch will be bricked,.

“Our product has been designed with the greatest possible stability and polish,” said a representative. “Whenever someone is running our OS they can be assured they are running a safe and well-tested product. We cannot guarantee equal functionality and performance when any changes are made and therefore do not support any unauthorized modifications.”

Clearly these people don’t have a sense of irony.

Although they can’t patch the exploit Nintendo do have systems in place so they can spot the naughty children. People who have modified their consoles are finding they are being banned.

A very small number of consumers have been using modified Nintendo Switch systems to display inappropriate or unauthorized material in certain online games. Nintendo always strives to provide a positive experience for all consumers and this includes continuously monitoring all threats to its products’ security and taking swift and strong action to prevent them. Modified Nintendo Switch systems have been banned

Source: The Verge

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