Onrush Is Having A Free Trial On Xbox One Right Now

Rushing on Xbox.

While curious PlayStation players got to sample a bit of Onrush over the weekend, Xbox One owners were left out of the smashy-bashy arcade fun. Don’t worry, it wasn’t that Codemasters doesn’t like Xbox, it’s just one of those weird logistical delays, and that free trial is now being offered up for those on the green team.

The trial period started at midnight, but there’s no word on when it will end – Update: the trial is running until Sunday 15th July. Either way, you’ll need to head over to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox to get it downloaded, or you can also download the free trial via the ‘…’ menu on the web store entry. It’s worth noting that, while it’s on sale on PlayStation (with double discounts for PS+ subscribers), it’s not on sale on xbox.

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