The PlayStation Store Summer Sale Is Now On

As if we needed another reminder that we’re in the middle of a heatwave, Sony have kicked off their summer sale on the PlayStation Store, with hundreds of games and DLC bundles going on offer.

Some of the highlights include GT Sport for £11, Wolfenstein II for £20, the Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for £20.49, Shadow of the Colossus for £13, Cities: Skylines for £16, Dark Souls Remastered for £22, Wipeout Omega Collection for £13 (get it for the VR!), and No Man’s Sky for £15, with its new NEXT update.


Head to the store for the full list and all the prices, and here’s a partial list of games on sale from the EU PS Blog:




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  1. Hellblade and Nioh are the 2 that are winking at me.

    I have a twitter poll running to see which I should get, Nioh is currently in the lead at 57%.

    I’ll be buying one or the other tonight.

    • I nearly bought Nioh from Game Collection for £20 yesterday, glad I didnt.
      Will be picking this up for £12

  2. The Crew 2 has 44% off already, that was quick.

  3. Too many things! And just when NMS sucked me back in with it’s fancy new update too.

    Did For Honor ever get fixed so you could actually play a whole game?

    How much does The Sims 4 cost if you buy all the extra crap?? That’s just taking the piss.

    Tempted by The Invisible Hours, as lots of people have mentioned it before as an interesting VR experience.

    And for VR people who for some reason haven’t been buying what they should (maybe people with newly acquired Fancy Hats?), Superhot VR is essential (possibly not in this weather though), Statik is a bargain at that price (even if it might drive you mad with some of hte puzzles), and you all know my thoughts on Star Trek: Bridge Crew by now (I think I’ll be back into that tonight, now the PC people can join me on the Enterprise-D)

    • I’m considering getting Bridge Crew, I’m guessing it’s a favourite of yours then?

      • You could say that, yes. Must be close to 200 hours playing it now.

        There’s only 3 or 4 hours of game there, and then you’ve played the story and the ongoing missions. But somehow it’s got an enormous replay value.

        It’s just fun to end up with a random bunch of people on a starship. Newbies are usually welcomed (assuming they’ve done the tutorials and talk and don’t just try and fake it). Even if you end up with 3 people who’ve done everything, many times, they’ll always help out with whatever missions you haven’t done. I’ve spent a couple of hours helping a random person get their Platinum trophy several times.

        Just don’t always expect people to take it seriously. Takes about 3 seconds to realise what sort of crew you’ve got and how silly things will get. Best just to go with it, whatever happens. If someone uses the words “fire arse torpedo!”, you might have misheard me, but that’s never an issue. If the captain is spending half his time giving orders and half the time reading messages on Grindr, you can get all upset because he’s not taking it seriously, or just take the piss when he goes “Oooh!” at what is clearly an impressive picture of man-parts. (That actually happened).

        If you like Star Trek, and you like silly fun with random people, you’ll love Bridge Crew. And then one day you’re good enough that you can suddenly inflict the TOS Enterprise on a newbie and laugh as the only thing they can say is “What the fuck???”. Before helping them get to grips with a large selection of identical colourful buttons.

        If you (or anyone else) gets tempted by it, feel free to send a (preferably not blank) friend request (MrYd on PSN as well as here) and I’m happy to help out. Once you’ve done the tutorials, so you know the basics of all the roles, and turned your TV down so I can’t hear myself. Seriously, the PSVR mic is so sensitive, the echo can drive people mad. Use the headphone socket provided, people!

      • Best review, ever. Ok, I think I’m convinced! Cheers buddy. Might take you up on that offer of assistance at some point. :)

    • I’ve barely had my psvr plugged in since purchase.

      Couldn’t get over the motion sickness.

      Need to fight through it though. Will pick up a few titles.

      Have you played the rick and morty game? Or Arizona sunshine?

      • If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from motion sickness, the general advice is to, as you say, “fight through it”. But possibly don’t try and push yourself too hard. If you feel unwell, stop straight away. Keep coming back to it though once you’ve recovered.

        And chose the games wisely to start with, maybe sticking to things where you don’t move, or use teleporting rather than free movement.

        Haven’t tried Rick and Morty, with it being somewhat overpriced. (Although for a very Rick and Morty style humour, I’d recommend Accounting+. Especially if you like be shouted at by a weird thing)

        Arizona Sunshine is fun, and well worth it at £12. Possibly not ideal until you’ve got your VR legs though.

        For a lack of movement until you get through any sickness, Statik and Bridge Crew should both be quite safe. Both nice seated experiences with not much movement. (Unless you’re doing Bridge Crew with the TNG DLC as tactical, then you should stand up to play. And never use the external view when you go to warp. Especially if you’re standing)

  4. I’m not even looking. Must… resist…

    Unrelated to the article but does anyone else miss being able to see the latest comments at the bottom of the page?

    I’m guessing this was done intentionally to make people click into the individual articles (fair play), but I miss it all the same.

    • They’re still there when viewed on pc, or if you request desktop mode on your phone.

      • The comments themselves aren’t there though. Just the name of whoever commented on what post.

        But it seems to have fixed the issues with pages not loading at times, so that’s good.

  5. Hmm, that Sega Mega Drive Classics thing. Seems to have got a VR update. So you can play them on a TV in a bedroom from many years ago.

    No! Must not add 50 games to my backlog!

  6. Stuck between GT Sport, Tekken 7 and Everybody’s Golf. Hmmmmm.

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