What We Played #367 – No Man’s Sky, The Persistence & Overcooked 2

I’ve had a great week, in that the weather up North is a very enjoyable 25 degrees and I’ve not been anywhere near the seemingly hellish soup bowl that is our capital city. I’ve also worked slightly fewer hours, spent time with my family, and gone back to MMA training, so my life balance has skewed back nicely to ‘vaguely normal’.

On the gaming front I’ve played the intriguing indie game The Mooseman, continued my Killzone: Shadow Fall run-through, played Hand of Fate and Hand of Fate 2, loved The Persistence on my newly replaced PSVR, and continued the Jurassic World Evolution love-in with my son.

Miguel started No Mans Sky and is “LOVING it so much!!!!” (I think that’s just a little bit). He also played Banner Saga 3, some “very competitive” Nidhogg with his girlfriend, a bit of Touch My Katamari, and a touch of Yakuza 0 on PC. Oh, and a ton of Monster Hunter World.

Jason meanwhile has been playing Dead Cells, and he still can’t talk about it. On top of that it’s been Pool Panic, Mega Man X Collections, and Sleep Tight some of which have reviews up now. He also had some friends round and played Gang Beasts, which is “just wonderful; it’s completely bonkers”. Jake has played mostly Fortnite on PS4 as there’s the birthday event live right now, but he did complete the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy on Switch and also checked out the No Man’s Sky NEXT update, which is seemingly both impressive and less barebones now.

Gareth has played very little this week, just some Castaway Paradise and Airheart for review. He did get a couple of hours of No Man’s Sky earlier today to try out the new update, which wasn’t quite as different as he’d hoped; “I got a couple of hours of promising, though obviously still collection filled, gameplay before it crashed on me”.

Over in the land of H1Z1, Tuffcub has been playing Fives, and shared this delightful moment when lag came at him hard and fast.

Alongside that, he started Vampyr, which he felt is already rather dated. “None of the characters have hair that moves, the facial animation is poor, and the main character constant talks to himself so you know what to do. I really thought we were past characters shouting ‘I MUST ESCAPE FROM HERE’ at literally no one, just so the player knows what to do. Also a bit more Red Faction Online which is just silly, silly fun.”

Jim has been into the colourful array of Rainbow Six Siege, The Persistence, H1Z1, and AC: Origins, while Ade has been playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, “which is fun simply because it allows me to have a hero team consisting of SpiderGwen, Surtr and Aunt May. I find it vaguely incredible that despite Travellers Tales releasing one of these every year, they are still crammed full of technical issues and bugs”.

On the more minimalist end of the What We Played scale, Aran has simply played Far Cry 5 this week. He’s “taken back the first major region and now mopping up side activities before moving on to the next one”.

Then again, Steve has not played anything, though he has a good excuse: “I’ve played no fancy videogames but instead have been engaged in a thrilling ARG that mixes the self destructive tendencies of Lemmings with the response speeds of 1990s Saturday morning phone in games. Otherwise known as a family holiday. Cologne is a great city and worth exploring for anybody heading over for Gamescom”.

Finally, Tef has been getting into the terrible cheerful and upbeat world of Animal Crossing on 3DS, having now finished off his Octopath Traveler review. He also got to play F1 2018 yesterday, which he can confirm had fast cars in it, as well as some Overcooked 2, which is just as chaotic as before, but been polished even further.

Now then, what have you all been playing?

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  1. Well, the sale tempted me in the end, and I now have Tales of Berseria, which is so far a huge improvement over the last Tales game. But that’s not going to help my backlog. So maybe I shouldn’t have done that.

    Then NMS, obviously. Looks nicer, but at a cost. Frame rate is a bit wonky, audio glitches happen frequently (horrible robot farts), and a totally unnecessary change to all the crafting. But other changes are great. Just KEEP AWAY FROM WHISPERING EGGS!

    VR fun was mostly restricted to Bridge Crew again. Now all those PC people have the TNG DLC, I thought it would be fun to be captain and help them out. 3 random PC people, all quite pleased with that idea. Everyone happy that things might not go to plan until they’d learned all the new bits. Start out with a simple patrol mission. Just flying around doing things.

    Usually it’s just simple things. Shoot a few enemies. Scan some things. Rescue a few people.

    But not this time. As soon as we warp somewhere, a bloody Borg cube appears. General panic occurs. Run away. The Borg are following us. Stuff needs repairing. Important things, like a way to run away again. The NPC that sits next to the captain and says important things (we’ve taken to calling her Susan) starts getting in a bit of a panic. She won’t shut up. The Borg are following us, she says. If we don’t get out of here, we’ll die, she says. We’re all doomed, she says.

    Obviously, she was right and we exploded. Not the ideal outcome for those 3 poor PC people who’d just got the DLC and were all excited about their first mission on the Enterprise D.

    VR is still a bad plan when it’s hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum.

  2. I’ve updated No Mans Sky and GTA with a view to sinking big time into both, then ignored both for fear of not finishing Gravity Rush 2, then went and started EverSpace anyway. I’m really enjoying EverSpace, it was tough to get used to the control niggles and odd aiming dead zone, plus the only roguelike game I’ve played before is FTL, so it’s been weird to get used to but I like it and it looks brilliant. Any advice would be gratefully received, I think I’ll be the sort of noob who take a billion lives to earn a few pennies in the game.
    Also, this afternoon weird wet stuff has been falling from the sky, which is now grey and white. Can anyone explain what’s going on?

    • I believe it’s called “rain” or something. If you don’t want it, you can send it here if you want. Doesn’t seem to want to come much further down the M4 than Reading. Certainly doesn’t look like we’ll see any here today.

      And NMS seems to have had another update after the big one, so you’ve probably got another 3.5 gig to download before you get started there. Maybe it’s fixed the robot farts.

  3. Worked like mad this week, so no gaming for me. Only managed to sneak in the last few season 8 episodes of TWD, which I downloaded long ago. Still love them, will probably turn to the books now. Oh, and I’m excited about tonight’s eclipse, who knows, maybe I’ll turn into something.

  4. Lot of work this week for me, so i didnt get to much gaming. The time i had i spent in GTA online and GR Wildlands just as last weeks and i started Kingdom Come: Deliverance and really like it so far, it has its flaws and the loading times are pretty long which combined with limited saving opportunities is quite annoying, but i really like that you start as a nobody that has to learn almost anything. You even have to learn to read, which means finding somebody that can teach you… Also, among the many many skills you can level up is also drinking which determines how much alcohol you can drink before passing out and what buffs/debuffs you get when drunk and also how bad and long your hangover will be. Just like real life then!

  5. Been busy with work this week and still dabble in H1Z1 daily for the challenges and won Solo yesterday… I forgot how great that feeling is xD lol
    Been quiet on Darksiders as I have been struggling to combat the enemies on Deathinitive difficulty mode…. but I’ll get there…. eventually!

  6. I’ve been loving The Persistence on PSVR, so so good. More games like this, please.

  7. No Man’s Sky. In many ways it’s the same game i’ve been playing all along but in many other ways it has become more challenging, more interesting, more engaging and more beautiful. There are a number of bugs to be squashed yet but 1.51 was released today to fix some of those. I would expect another few patches over the next week or two. Some will be fixes but there will also probably be some tweaks to the game based on user feedback.
    Funny thing is, newcomers are asking questions that the old players can’t answer yet as we are all learning the new materials and systems for the first time! :)

  8. Midweek picked up my 3rd platinum in as many weeks and my 50th with Far Cry 5,Monday was once again the Fortnite save the world meet with Shadow Warrior 2 Wednesday,I’m guessing tonight’s meet may be Defiance again,also went back to dabble on NMS day of patch which must have crashed on me 15 times in an hour,it has behaved a lot better in past few days with no crashes at all yesterday,with today’s patch hopefully it will be the end of problem.

  9. Well the big one this week for me was completing The Witcher 3. I had been playing it on and off since launch for well over 150 hours doing every Witcher contract, treasure hunt and side quest.
    I thought I’d never actually get to the end but I’m chuffed I finally managed it.
    This game really left an impression on me, I think CD Projekt have managed to make something that’s up there with the very best games and they’ve out RPG’d Bioware I think.
    Other than that I jumped in No Man’s Sky to check out the impressive update and started Ni No Kuni 2 as a little palette cleanser before I jump back into the Witcher expansions. I just love that Witcher life!

    • The Witcher expansions are also fantastic. You’ll love them, guaranteed.

      • Honestly can’t wait to jump into them.
        It’s hard to get into anything else right now because all I’m thinking about is what’s next for old Geralt!
        I just thought I should take a little break as I don’t want to burn out on it.

      • Probably a wise decision. :)

    • There’s a reason why Witcher 3 is regarded as the best RPG of all time by so many. For me, it’s truly sensational – especially considering how far CDPR have come in such a short amount of time.

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