The Vega+ Hand Held Console Loses The Rights To Use The ZX Spectrum Name

The beleaguered Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus hand held console, which has been subject to many delays and had the debt collectors sent in by IndieGoGo two months ago, has lost the rights to use the ZX Spectrum and Sinclair branding.

The owner of the name, Sky, picked up the rights when broadcaster also purchased Amstrad, who in turn purchased the Spectrum branding from creator Sir Clive Sinclair. Sky say that due to repeated missed deadlines they are withdrawing the license to use the name, and also the license for many of the games that were to be included on the console.


“We would love to see the Vega+ consoles in the hands of fans,” said a representaive of Sky, “However, as RCL have repeatedly failed to deliver and breached the terms of their licence, we have made the decision to end our working relationship.”

The console was meant to launch in 2016 with 1000 games installed. The units that have been shipped have nineteen games installed and those who have managed to get hold of one are complaining of poor build quality.

Source: BBC

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  1. I am due one of the first shipment, so if it turns up I will see how crap the quality is for myself 🙄

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