Retro Computers Ltd Fail To Deliver The Sinclair ZX Vega+, IndieGoGo Send In The Debt Collectors

Retro Computers Ltd, the makers of troubled handheld console the Sinclair ZX Vega+, has failed to meet demands from crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo. They have now called in the debt collectors to try and recover some of the backers money. Here is the full statement from IndieGoGo.

Dear Vega+ Backers,

As you are aware, we recently provided the Vega+ team a provisional extension (June 15th) to fulfill, based on some requirements from us. These included sending us contact information of Sky representatives, and refunding backers immediately upon request, as well as providing Indiegogo with a review console.

Unfortunately, these asks have not been met and we are unable to further provide the Vega+ team an extension. This has been a challenging situation for all involved, and one we thought would be resolved with the backers receiving their game consoles.

This week, we will be working with a collections agency to attempt to recoup funds disbursed, in an effort to be able to refund backers. Please note that, while we are pursuing collections, this process can take considerable time and the Vega+ team still has the opportunity to fulfill on their obligation of shipping the consoles to backers. We refer you to the Vega+ team for any updates on shipping. The campaign is still open to the Vega+ team, and they continue to have the ability to update you all via our platform.

We hope that the Vega+ team follows through on their promise, and that any remedial efforts on our part will be rendered obsolete.

Thank you for your understanding, and patience.

Trust & Safety, Indiegogo

Retro Computers Ltd have stated on Twitter they offered to show IndieGoGo a demo of the console, but they don’t say if it was functioning finished product. The official Twitter feed for the console is rather feisty, but there have been many problems with the project over the last two year with ex-directors of the company and current staff blaming each other for the troubled production.

Source: IndieGoGo / Twitter

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  1. I’m one of the backers and know Paul Andrews, one of the two ex directors. It’s been one hell of a ride for all involved, that David Levy is a piece of work, that’s for sure.

  2. I was really pulling for this to succeed in the hope that they might make an Amstrad handheld down the line. Shame.

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