GRIP: Combat Racing Zooms On To Consoles This November

After a rather lengthy wait, the game was first revealed in 2014, Grip is finally launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 6th. It will also officially release on Steam, but it’s been in early access for ages.

Grip is a spiritual successor to PS1 classic Rollcage and has been developed by some of the original Rollcage team. The USP of the series is that your vehicle can drive on any surface, including the ceiling and walls of the tracks. The game will support HDR with a target frame rate of 60fps on PS4, and has extra bits for those with a Pro.

As the game has been available of PC for quite a while we’re expecting some finely tuned gameplay, and I’ll be able to tell you more in a few days as I’m off to go and play the game tomorrow. Excitedness!

Source: Twitter / PS Blog

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  1. Having been an original Kickstarter backer I am very keen to finally see this on PS4. However with the way these Indie titles seem to be dropping in price after initial launch, I might wait a bit.

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