Dark Souls Remastered Is Finally Releasing For Nintendo Switch In October

After a fairly lengthy delay compared to the other versions of the remastered, Dark Souls Remastered is finally coming to Nintendo Switch on 19th October this year.

At the exact same time, the Solaire of Astora amiibo will also be releasing, letting you have a little sun praising figurine sat next to Mario and dozens of Fire Emblem characters.


Back when the remaster first released, Dave found a much improved game over the original, saying that “Dark Souls Remastered is perhaps the best point to jump into a franchise that has defined a genre, but in at least some ways it is the most definitive version we now have, even if some details still need refining in the lighting department.”

Fingers crossed the Switch version can match those lofty standards. The press release notes that the game will run with 30fps both in the 720p handheld mode and 1080p docked mode. It will also boost the number of players online from 4 to 6, just as with the rest of the remastered editions.

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  1. Yes!
    The reason I bought a Switch!
    Roll on October

  2. Finally. Still concerned about those delays though so will certainly wait awhile until full playthrough reviews etc are in before I’m tempted to venture in.

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