May’s PlayStation Plus games revealed – the “leak” was wrong!

Update: Lies! Deception! And on the internet of all places!

The PlayStation Plus games for May have been revealed, and neither game begins with the letter D. Instead May’s games are Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 2019.


The original speculation, where we did say that the so-called leak looked a bit dodge can be found below, but in the meantime, what do you think of the actual PS+ line up? Let us know in the comments.

It’s almost time for the next batch of games to be announced for Sony’s PlayStation Plus service with the reveal set to occur at 4.30pm today, Wednesday 29th April. As most people are in lockdown a couple of new games to get stuck in will be very welcome, but what well they be?

An image doing the rounds on the internet claims that Dark Souls and Dying Light are the May PlayStation Plus games but the source is a chap on ResetEra who’s “friend” sent him the image and it looks a bit dodgy to me.

As you can see it’s a bit blurry with noticeable artefacting, this could be because the “friend” saved the image with high compression but that trick has been used many times by people faking reveals to cover up their dodgy photoshopping.

Let’s take a look at December’s official advert.

You can see that the “Free Games” font is different, the “Active Membership” font is different, the two large plus symbols have blue and pink outlines, and the overall image is less busy with a plain black background. There could be a reason for this, everyone is working from home perhaps the person making these images has lost access to the fonts or the template used each month but it’s more likely to be shenanigans and the May PS+ advert is fake.

While we wait for the official don’t forget that Sony are also giving away Thatgamecompany’s floaty indie game Journey and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection as part of their “Play At Home” initiative to keep us entertained while in lockdown. Players in German and China will get Knack 2 instead of Uncharted, because reasons, and all the games will be available from Thursday 16th April midnight BST / 1am CEST through Wednesday, 6th May midnight BST / 1am CEST.

The Play At Home initiative also includes a $10 million fund to help indie developers who are suffering due to the pandemic.

Check back at 4.30 for the official reveal!

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  1. I have the Nathan Drake collection from PS+, but can I get it ‘again’ so I can play it when my sub runs out?

    • I seem to have been able to. They’ve created weird double entries when you click to buy it when viewing in the browser. Just, you know… have a look. ;)

    • I heard it in a video on YouTube I forget who but supposedly the answer is yes,they recon if you download it again it will change the license so if your + lapses it will be playable like as if you bought the game, don’t know if it’s 100% correct as own the disc but I suppose if it allows you to download it then it will if not it probably would say you already have.

      • Normally, if you’ve got 1 sort of license, you can’t get a different sort. So you can’t buy it if you’ve already got it from PS+ (and your subscription is active).

        In this case, Sony seem to have solved that problem. But might have done it in the most stupid way possible, by just removing the license from everyone, no matter how you got it. Or at least that seems to be the theory.

        On the plus side, if you got either game on PS+, you can now “purchase” it for free, and get a permanent license.

        But if you’ve already got either game (either from PS+ or by buying it at some point), you’ve now only got a license until the system realises. If you paid for either game, you might find you can play it now, if it’s installed, but can’t download it again. If you got it with PS+, you can’t download it again, and your installed copy will stop working once the PS4 checks you’re entitled to play it (which it does so you can’t keep playing once you stop your PS+ subscription).

        At least, that appears to be the case. But it’s never happened before, so there may be some complication that means it just looks that way.

        But who wants to risk that? In the case where you’ve bought the game at some point and it somehow vanishes, you could probably persuade Sony to give it back (this is why everyone keeps all their emails forever, yes? ;). With the PS+ situation, you’re probably screwed.

        So everyone should get the 2 games now, just to be safe and avoid having to hassle Sony. Which would probably be annoying, even if it works. You can definitely get the 2 games, even if you’d got them previously, and it turns a PS+ license into a permanent one. (I just checked with the Uncharted collection, and there’s no expiry date, so it’s not the PS+ license now). Just make sure you go through the whole checkout process. Just downloading it again (probably) doesn’t do it. And then check there’s no expiry date on it. (Hit the options button and then select “information” from the game icon on the PS4 menu)

    • Thanks for the info guys, I will do that tonight

      • Just to make it clear (which might be an issue with my big long post), it’s not 100% guaranteed that Sony have just removed all existing licenses and you’ll lose access to them at some point. But it appears that’s what they’ve done. I’d guess an 80% chance of that, a 19% chance of it not being that, and another 1% chance they’ve done that but taken into account the problems it’ll cause.

        But if you had a license previously, you definitely can get the free games, and when you do, you have a permanent license. So the easiest option is to just get them while they’re free, and you won’t have any issues. Just do it and try not to think about what Sony are up to, because that’s rarely a good idea.

  2. Nice, I’ve been keen to give Cities a go!

  3. A shame the rumour was not true. The revealed games sound nowhere nearly as interesting.

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