The News At Sixth: 15/08/18 – TheSixthAxis

The News At Sixth: 15/08/18

Today’s office bants at TSA Towers have been mostly about porn, specifically video game porn parodies. We came up with Mario Tennis Arses, PlayerUnknown’s Cruising Grounds, Crash Randycoot: NSane Triple Orgy, and Batman Arkham Ass-ylum. However. friend of TSA @Crazy_Del wins with Beyond: Two Holes, can you do any better?

Here’s today’s news which sadly includes no porn whatsoever:

Also Today

Amazon screwed up the pre-orders for the limited edition 500 Million PlayStation Console and had to cancel them all.

Due to a technical error, pre-orders for the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro Console went live before the announced time, and some customers were able to order multiple units. This is unfair to those who had planned to order at the announced time. All customer orders for the console have therefore been cancelled, please check your email for more information if you had placed an order.

Vesteria Saga is heading to our shores next year, it’s a RPG for PCs created by the chap who made Fire Emblem.

Rune enters Steam Early Access this September and looks like… well, Skyrim. Come on, you were thinking that as well. Nevertheless, it’s looking good, wonder if it will come to consoles?

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Mucky puns, my favourite! Unparted: Lost Leg Arse Titty, Grand Deft Autofellatio, Call Of Booty: Black Cocks Phwoar, Red Dead Rimmed by Dentures Too, Whore Eyes On Zaire (Oh Dawn!), Sturgeon Stimulator. Beyond: Two Holes gets my vote too, top filth Del.

  2. CrazyDel wins by a clear mile. I’ve been playing Overcooked, so got Overporked, and Mothergunship, so I can’t think of anything I can repeat here for that without feeling very bad about myself.

  3. Hehehe top filth xD
    Thanks for the mention TC and cheers Ron and Jimmy

    Can’t believe Amazon messed up the PS4 orders but that is their fault for putting them up at 7am!
    GAME also made a mess despite advertised saying you can pre-order in store or ONLINE…. til 30mins before the Pre-Orders went live GAME tweeted and said in-store only! Poor souls were working…. I know the feeling I was like that for the Mini NES last year!

  4. Shadow of the Phalluses
    Snatch it & Wan… (you get the idea)
    Grim Legends: The Forskin Bride
    Grim Fannydango: Remoistened
    Bellblade: Senua’s Scarred for Life

    Enjoying this a little too much I think 🤔

  5. Beyond: Two Holes 🤣 it’s like the age old question, what’s beyond our universe. Is here anything beyond two holes? We may never know the answer.

    • Haha, all that could go on the box for the second series of Final Space I’m sure! And Fannydango might just be a new favourite, it’s so poetic.

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