Your September PlayStation Plus Games Are Live, Download Links Here

It’s your monthly reminder to click a few links and download lots of lovely games for free, assuming you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Destiny 2 has been free to download for a couple of days and now the rest of the month’s offerings are available.

Source: PS Store

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  1. God of War for me and if I enjoy it I’ll buy the latest version, or do I wait until that one is on PS+?

    • If you enjoy this, take the plunge. The games are really quite different but what they have achieved with the new one is nothing short of remarkable.

    • They are vastly different games, so I wouldn’t use one to test the water for another.

      I love the GoW series, and 3 is a great finale to the original blood soaked scripted action of the original trilogy. They were more like a fixed camera DmC hack and slash series.

      The newest GoW is more of a Zelda-type action/adventure game with a cinematic Last of Us type story. It is equally fantastic but a completely different genre of game, so you don’t want to miss out on it if you don’t get on with GoW 3.

      • I nearly bought GoW 3 when it was released but as I’ve got other games to finish I didn’t. I’m also want Assassin’s Creed Origins but there’s not enough time to play them all.

        Assassin’s Creed Origins or GoW 3???

      • I meant GoW (PS4) not GoW 3

      • Depending on how much you want to play GoW… It is holding it’s price due to it’s success so AC is a cheaper option!

  2. GoW 3 is still a banger today! just completed the newest GoW and its absolutely awesome!
    I own Destiny 2 already but i have already downloaded Knowledge is Power and that is great fun!

  3. Urgh, more stages of PayPal crap to wade through before I can get my free games, but it’ll be worth the effort as it looks like another good month! Who said Plus was bad value, eh?

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