Save Over 70% On PS4 Games In The New PlayStation Store Sale

There’s a new sale on the PlayStation Store and this week you can save up to 60% on a number of games according to the headline on the store, but looking at the detail some of the games have 70% or even more taken off the price.

There’s some pretty good offers, here are my top picks with prices.


And here’s the full list:

Source:  PlayStation Store

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  1. There’s a few there that I wouldn’t mind (WRC,Train Sim) but Iv got games to finish. There’s just not enough time in a day, week, year to play all the games I want.

  2. Onrush already down to sub £19. Ouch.

    • Free on Games Pass too. It’s tanking :/

  3. Phew, luckily there’s nothing I want on there, on with the backlog!

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