Report: 5% Of Divorces Filed In The UK This Year Have Mentioned Gaming Addiction

Divorce-Online, “the Uk’s original and most trusted online divorce service”, has been data mining divorce applications has found that 5% of them have mentioned Fortnite or another online game.

A spokesperson for the company said “Addiction to drugs, alcohol and gambling have often been cited as reasons for relationship breakdowns but the dawn of the digital revolution has introduced new addictions.”

“These now include online pornography, online gaming and social media, so it is no surprise to us that more and more people are having relationship problems because of our digital addictions. ”

The site is “one of the largest filers of divorce petitions in the UK” so the think their data is representational of the wider picture.

Source: Divorce-Online via PCGamesInsider

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.

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  1. That is on them for not making dinner for the other half or to help out housework or a week holiday and even a date night.
    I’ve been gaming since I was 5 maybe 6 god knows how old I was. Met my wonderful wife in 2005 (when I was 18) bought a house and got married in 2016. We have been together for 13 years and I still game… and so does she xD but we do compromise when we can.
    Like the ads says all over the place… when the fun stops. STOP!
    Saying that I do agree it is an addiction not just Fortnight, just all type of gaming… depend on how many hours you put in a week! My wife knows I love gaming before we tied the knot! Happy gaming man right there :)

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