Red Dead Online Announced, But It Won’t Be Available On Day One

Hold your horses.

If you expected to be able to jump into Red Dead Redemption 2’s online multiplayer on day one, then I’ve got another thing coming for you. Rockstar have announced that Red Dead Online’s launch won’t come until November, the month after Red Dead Redemption 2’s release, and even then it will be starting as a beta and not as a “finished” product.

Borrowing the pseudo standalone nomenclature that GTA Online used after GTA V’s release, they’re also taking the launch schedule. GTA Online was held back until two weeks after GTA V was unleashed onto the world, giving people time to play through and digest the single player, and for Rockstar to work on erasing early bugs and issues that people found.

Of course, they’re bracing themselves for another monumentally popular launch, and so are adopting a beta tag on this occasion, saying that “As with most online experiences of this size and scale, there will inevitably be some turbulence at launch.”

More details will be coming soon, but for now all we really know is that Red Dead Online will be free as part of Red Dead Redemption 2, coming in November some time after the main game’s 26th October launch on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: press release

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  1. I am happy with that!
    Just enjoy singleplayer learn all the weapons and the locations. Then play multiplayer on launch!

  2. I can’t find anywhere that says how to access the beta? Is it via pre ordering?

    • No, no. Everyone who buys RDR2 will be able to get into the beta when it opens a few weeks after the game’s launch.

      Call it a beta is Rockstar’s way of tempering expectations so people don’t get so pissy when the servers fall over, if there’s bugs, if they roll out features gradually over a couple of weeks or months.

      • Ohhh. I thought they were having a beta before the game launches, with then the main MP part launching for real sometime after the games release.

        Now I get that the MP beta will come after release. Ta.

  3. Hopefully this means all the trophies are tied to single player & no grindy online trophies like they had in the last one.

    • Good point. I freakin’ hate grindy online trophies. Mainly because I never feel compelled to grind enough to achieve them.

    • Yeah, those grindy online ‘reach level a million’ trophies are a pain, but they’re totally possible if you end up really enjoying the game. I never thought I’d get to level 100 in GTA but after three years playing on and off I did it! Trophies are usually the briefest of pleasures, much briefer than a Curly Wurly or a crank, but that GTAV platinum was a very long time in the works and extremely satisfying. Don’t put pressure on yourselves, just grind away slowly :)

      • Ugh, GTAV was one of those games where I took one look at the trophy list and decided I would never get the Plat. That’s a pretty neat achievement to have though, Congrats!

      • Thanks! I honestly though the same JR, it’s been time rather than skill that’s got me there and I think that’s where Rockstar improved on GTA IV. 100 pigeons, ffs, that typified a dry, painful, joyless grind compared to V’s pleasant longevity.

    • I know it’s ridiculous because they’re worth absolutely nothing but I love it when trophies are implemented in a way that encourages you explore the whole game (single player). Spider-Man and God of War being two good examples of this. I know neither of those games had online features anyway but I definitely got a lot more out of those games by going after the Platinum. Horizon Zero Dawn is another good example. I did everything there was to do in these games because I enjoyed them a lot but also because I saw the Platinum as a challenge.

      But like you say, if the game then asks you to kill 10,000 players online or win 5,000 online matches, I just don’t have the time or the will to bother. Which means, I won’t commit myself to the single-player content either. I’ll complete the story, maybe play the side stuff until I’m bored and just move on. Far Cry 5 and the last two Tomb Raider games being good examples of this. So glad there’s no online stuff in the latest Tomb Raider game!

      It’s probably a ridiculous mentality but it’s how I’ve always felt about trophies.

  4. I am quite certain there will be online trophies. GTA 5 did that and so did Far Cry (I know that is Ubisoft and not Rockstar)
    We will wait and see next month.

  5. Im glad i can focus on single player and wont be spammed invites

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