Update: Fortnite Season 6’s “Unintended” Jiggling Boobs Have Been Removed

Update: When pushed about the newly wobbling body parts in Fortnite, an Epic representative told PC Gamer that “This is embarrassing and unintended,” and that, “we are working on a fix as soon possible.” That fix has already been made:

Now, I don’t code video games, so don’t know how easy it is to slip and accidentally add boob physics to a game – after all, typos while coding can have major side effects – but it’s good to see Epic responding and removing something that’s really out of place and unnecessary for their Battle Royale game.

The original post follows:

Hidden away amongst the fluffy pets and spooky costumes found in the latest season update to Fortnite is an enhancement that few were expecting. Up until now, breasts in Fortnite were firmly strapped up, you can’t be running about a forest and doing acrobatics with knockers flopping all over the place.


Whilst that is nothing like the excessive wobbling you get in some games, in fact it’s quite realistic boob jiggle, if you study the video closely you will see that Calamity’s lady bumps continue to wobble in a jelly like fashion for just a fraction of a second after she has stood up.

As I said, not the most gratuitous breasty dumpling dancing we’ve seen, but there’s a clear case of #ImprobableBoobs at the end. Epic have yet to comment on the inclusion of boob jiggle, perhaps it was a condition of Sony’s before they allowed cross play.

Source: Twitter via PCGamesN

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  1. Well it had to happen eventually. Cue sales spikes for tissue brands everywhere as teenage boys discover how to build their forearm muscles.

    • Fortnite Battle Royale in partnership with Kleenex.

  2. Some would say this is just a cynical attempt to create a mass debate over the inclusion of ‘improbable boobs’™

  3. “not the most gratuitous”… how about “some of the best physics for breasts we’ve seen!”. Seriously, other than that slight jiggle as she returns to her default position, they’re very well done. Nice to see developers handling things (ahem) in a mature fashion.

    It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the hilarious, face-smashing puppies that we’ve seen elsewhere in gaming. :-)

  4. Hah, I love the update, apart from being an updated feature of the underlying engine that they forgot to code out I can’t see any way for boob physics to be ‘unintended’. Plus, not sure all this praise is deserved, the boobs were too springly, some might say poorly damped, and only seemed to wiggle sideways where her motion would suggest there should be some vertical jiggle too. These are noobs boobs.

  5. I was interested in something Fortnite related for a moment there. Wonders will never cease.

  6. Yes, heaven forbid breasts actually have a little jiggle in a game like they do in real life. There was nothing offensive here, it’s just what breasts do.

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