Fortnite’s Spooky Season 6 Is Upon Us, Featuring Pets!

If you wondered why Sony chose last night to announce their expanded cross-network play beta and chose Fortnite to be the first game to sport this functionality, you have your answer. After a good bit of teasing, Season 6 has kicked off today and it’s all getting a bit Halloween-y out there.

The start of Season 6 sees a fresh wave of changes to the game’s map, with floating islands, a spooky castle, a new disco dance floor, and plenty more. A new Shadow Stone consumable can also be scoffed.

As for what it actually brings in the Battle Pass (the proceeds from which surely nudged Sony down their particular path), there’s tons of new and inventive skins to collect, a new disco stage area, and you can even get and take pets into the game’s Battle Royale action. I’m sure PETA will be issuing a statement soon about putting animals in harm’s way.

Fortnite Battle Royale is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, iOS and Android, and literally everyone can now play with and alongside everyone else with optional cross-network play across the board.

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  1. I’d play it if they got rid of the awful building mechanic.

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