Update: Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Need At Least 105GB To Install

Update: Similar to how Black Ops 4’s demand of 100GB was all about having enough space to unpack data, a fresh claim has popped up that Red Dead Redemption 2 will only take up 50GB and 3GB for a day one patch, disputing the 105GB install size originally reported.

It’s a technical detail that we’ll be looking to take into account better going forward.


Rockstar’s games a huge, Grand Theft Auto V filled a blu-ray and took forever to install and it looks like Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be even bigger.

Sony recently announced a Red Dead 2 PlayStation 4 Pro bundle and hidden away in the small print on the back of the box is a note explaining the game will “require a minimum storage space of 105GB.” That’s over a fifth of the space on a standard PlayStation 4, and I would expect that, with updates, the game will take up even more space.

The box also reveals that PlayStation 4 players will be getting extra content for the game thirty days before rival platforms, and that the online component for the game will support up to 32 players.

Source: Rockstar Intel

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of people say it will be 210gb space required on PS4 because it often needs up to 2x install size in space. But, is the 105gb taking that into account? Is it really just 52.5gb instead?

    Don’t really know.

    • The PS4 space requirements are a bit weird. It was simple on the PS3. You needed exactly twice the space to install, but then once it was installed you got that extra space back.

      The PS4 seems to work differently and not require twice the space. Except when it does. Or when it requires totally random amounts of space. A 30GB game getting a 1GB update could require 1GB to update, or 2GB, or sometimes 32GB (I guess to patch a copy of the original before copying it back?), or sometimes 100GB+ for absolutely no obvious reason at all.

      Downloading a game only ever requires space for a single copy, as all the updates are included. So whatever amount of space the store lists should be right. But they never list the space required for pre-orders. And they always seem to list the unpatched size as well, even though the download will include all the updates and be bigger.

      The other issue is does RDR2 have 4K support? Which will require larger files for textures. Maybe 105GB is for the PS4Pro, and original PS4 owners can just pop the disc in, download whatever day one updates there are, not have to wait for 50+GB to download.

      And does the 105GB include the online stuff that they’ve managed to screw up already by not being ready in time?

      The worrying thing is, if it really is 105GB, you’ll probably end up playing it earlier with a download. Downloading should let you start playing fairly quickly while the rest downloads. Installing from disc and then having the rest download as an update probably means you’ve got to wait for the update to download before you can start.

      So you could have to install 50GB from disc and then download 55GB before you can play, rather than start playing after 20GB downloaded while waiting for the rest.

  2. I’ve been meaning to clean up the HDD on my Pro but never get round to it, I’ll definitely need to get it done before RDR2 release as I don’t think I have that amount of unused space.

  3. Oooft! Thankfully I got the 1TB Spidey console. Will sort out my captures and transfere them to my external HDD
    I should get around 750gb of space.

    • Glad you mentioned an external drive as I had forgot they can be used.

  4. That’s [email protected]@dy ridonkulous! How’s that supposed to fit on my ps1 memory card?!

  5. Man at some point by the end of this console generation we’re only going to be able to have two games at a time loaded on the standard PS4.

    • Two whole games?

      I guess that might be possible if you’ve got an external drive to put the second one on.

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